Proposed Agenda
KPFK Continuation of Closed Executive Session
October 20, 2009 7-8 p.m.

KPFK LSB Regular Meeting
October 20, 2009 8-10 p.m.
Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire Blvd
I. Call to Order, Welcome and Acknowledgements, Call of
the Roll, Motion for Excused Absences, Approval of Agenda, Approval of
Minutes [total: 10 mins]
II. Announcements [5 min]
Resignation of member and seating of new member
30 day notice of Assembly of Delegates to consider proposed recall of
PNB delegate.
III. Elections Supervisor Report [10 min]
IV. iGM Report [5 min]
V. PNB Report [15 min]
VI. iED Report [5 min]
VII. Public Comment [10 minutes]
VIII. Standing Advisory Committee Reports [A]
Finance- 10 mins, [B] Outreach - 5 mins, [C] Personnel – 5 min [D]
Governance - 10 mins: [E] Programming Oversight– 10 mins,
IX. Public Comment [10 minutes]
X. Unfinished Business [10 minutes]
Motion KPFK Fund Drive Data Collection
Motion on CABs
IX. New Business [0 minutes]
X. Public Comment [10 minutes]

XI. XI. Announcements/Adjournment [5 minutes]

(Consistent with Board Policy the Chair will call for Public Comment
at various points in the agenda. Any unused portion of the 30 minutes
assigned to Public Comment will be used in Agenda Item IX.)
[total hours 100 min]