Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board of May 16, 2009

A regular Meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board on May 16, 2009
at Jewel's Catch One, 4067 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019
Steve Weatherwax served as Chair, Doug Barnett served as Secretary.
Eighteen Members were present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, Jonathan
Alexander, Christopher Bayard Condon, Israel Feuer, Ian JohnstonŠ, Tracy
Larkins, Ali Lexa, Shawn Casey O'Brien, Margaret Prescod, Leslie Radford,
Summer Reese, Ricco Ross, Linda Sutton, Donna Warren, Steve Weatherwax, Yosh
Yamanaka and later Reza Pour & Lamont Yeakey.
The meeting was called to order at 1:40 pm.
Members excused Sherna Gluck, Rufina Juarez and Yolanda Anguiano.
Members Absent Dave Adelson, Kahllid Al-Alim, Jan Goodman.
Item 2 in the agenda moved after Item 3, to allow any prospective Secretary or
Treasurer candidates to arrive, as none were yet present, and the stated time
of the beginning of the meeting may have been posted on the "net" as 2pm.
Agenda approved without objection.
Standing Committee Reports:
Programming Oversight Committee: (PROC) Committee Vice- Chair reported on
creating a working Listener Program Advisory Council and management proposed
Motion by Leslie Radford; Move to approve the two LSB actions required of the
LSB in the GM's LPAC plan; one, that we finalize member nominations; two,
provide one non-voting LSB member.
Grace Aaron,N. Jonathan Alexander,Y. Christopher Bayard Condon,A. Israel
Feuer,A. Ian Johnston,Y. Tracy Larkins,Y. Ali Lexa,Y. Shawn Casey
O'Brien,N. Margaret Prescod,Y. Leslie Radford,Y. Summer Reese,A. Ricco
Ross,A. Linda Sutton,Y. Donna Warren,N. Steve Weatherwax,A. Yosh
Motion Passed 8-yes, 3-no, 5- abstentions.
Finance committee: Our fiscal year starts in October of previous year. Sean
says we will have a budget preview for 2010 in mid-June.
Personnel Committee: Evaluation of the PD is finished, we plan to roll out a GM
evaluation in July.
Outreach Committee: Programmers need interns, we have nothing to offer except
their participation in the fund drive.
Motion by Donna Warren, amended by Leslie Radford without objection: The LSB
shall form a working group, that Outreach Committee research past internship
programs and propose a brainstorm meeting with staff. Approved without
Motion: Populate Outreach Working Group in June. Passes without objection.
Governance Committee report:
Motion from Governance Committee: The LSB shall authorize the Governance
Committee to establish a common, easily identifiable email address, preferably
on KPFK servers, that can go out to listeners for their comments to the LSB,
and which will distribute listeners' emailed comments to the email addresses of
all elected members of the LSB. Passes without objection.
Motion: from Governance Committee: That the secretary that we select for this
body shall be remunerated $125 per meeting.
Motion: from Summer Reese : Finance Committee takes up the question of a
stipend for Secretary.
Motion: Chair moves remuneration question back to Finance Committee for final
Secretary declared without objection.
Rhonda Dixon, a new candidate for Treasurer of the LSB and a programmer from
the KPFK show "Some of us are Brave," spoke about her qualifications for the
job of Treasurer. Candidate Summer Reese said she would stay on the Finance
Committee independent of her continuing as LSB Treasurer.
Rhonda Dixon succeeds as Treasurer ( 9-8 ) by secret LSB ballot.
PNB Report:
Grace: LaVarn Williams was appointed as acting GM of WBAI, ex GM Tony Riddle
moved to the position of National Development Director. Bernard White, the
Program Director of WBAI was temporarily suspended. I hired Tony Bates to help
them out. A 15 to 20% increase in revenue could be achieved with improved
functionality and an additional 15 to 20% increase in revenue is expected to
accompany an improvement in programming.
We have hired a National Election Supervisor. RFP's are out for ED, CFO, and HR
Ricco Ross: Grace Aaron wrote this election reform that was passed by the PNB,
a standard tutorial of 15 minutes each will be on air about the elections of
the LSB and should take out any unfair advantages in the elections.
Leslie Radford: Our Motion against the war in Afghanistan has been referred to
a working group.
Our motion on conditions for the (KPFK collateralize) loan has disappeared.
Shawn Casey O'Brien: PNB passed a motion allowing a Staff recall election at
The PNB will go on a fact finding tour concerning hours counted (for staff LSB
elections) in each Station Collectives.
Public Comment: 10 minutes. Next Meeting : Tuesday June 16th, 2009
The LSB meeting adjourned.