Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board of March 21, 2009

A regular Meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board on March 21, 2009
at Jewel's Catch One, 4067 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019

Steve Weatherwax served as Chair, Doug Barnett served as Secretary Pro-Tem.
Nineteen Members were present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, Jonathan
Alexander, Christopher Bayard Condon, Israel Feuer, Sherna Gluck, Ian
JohnstonŠ, Tracy Larkins, Ali Lexa, Shawn Casey O'Brien, Reza Pour, Leslie
Radford, Summer Reese, Ricco Ross, Linda Sutton, Donna Warren, Steve
Weatherwax, Yosh Yamanaka, Lamont Yeakey.

After a public dialog, Khallid Al-Alim is welcomed as a new LSB member.
The meeting was called to order at 1:40 pm.
Members vote to excuse: Margaret Prescod, Jan Goodman and Yolanda Anguiano,
with one opposing vote and one abstention.

iED report: Struck from agenda.
Motion by Condon: Approval of Agenda as amended. No objection, 2:06 pm

Motion by Condon: Accept election results as read: Passes.
PNB standing Committees from February Meeting are as follows:
Audit: Dave Adelson, Donna Warren.
Elections: Tracy Larkins, Yosh Yamanaka.
Governance: Sherna Gluck, Chris Condon.
Programming: Linda Sutton, Ian JohnstonŠ,.
Technology: Jonathan Alexander, Ali Lexa.
Committee of Inclusion, Delegate positions: Yolanda Anguiano, Reza Pour,
Rufina Juarez.
Committee of Inclusion, Director Member: Leslie Radford.

February 2009 KPFK LSB Minutes: Approved without objection

Aaron moved: That Lamont Yeakey be nominated and approved for LSB Archives
Committee. Accepted

Leslie Radford has resigned from the PNB Elections Committee as a Director

GM Report: Given by Sean Heitkemper as printed attachment.
Board Responses to GM Report:
Johnston: Chasing dollars (an outside collection contract) can be very
expensive, perhaps half. (The) Jewish Journal I've read for years, it is
racist, we have a need for an on air debate...

Larkin: LSB did fund chasing many months ago, where is a report on this?
What is the "sharing" with KPFA? Any program sharing reduces the number of
voices, and doubles competition for much less airtime. Since programmers are
mostly unpaid, what financial resources would be shared?

Alexander: How long will assessment take?

Radford: 35 dollars an hour for several people. Can we do this at KPFK with
volunteers after a fund drive? Concern: A (power) block (of resources) may be
forming squeezing out our smaller stations, forcing a KPFA / KPFK model.

Summer: Automation with phoning not available at KPFK. (Collection) companies
take an obscene amount of money, legally they can take 87% of all the money.

Gluck: People were so happy to hear from LSB members. We must be extremely
cautious about Anti Semitism charges against UCLA, this is the beginning, "The
Rebranding Campaign" in Israel.

Pour: The Jewish Journal attacked Dedon (Kamathi) a few years ago, it is not
a Jewish publication.

Condon: I agree with Ian and Sherna, 9-11 was silenced the same way. We need
to defy the Jewish Journal.

Lexa: The Technology Committee proposed last year to share equipment among
our other stations.

O'Brien: Zuberi has been breaking up the front entryway asphalt. Since the
Elevator Committee, we have been encouraging (KPFK) moving the "blue zone" so
as not to cross the parking lot, to avoid problems.

Israel: My name is "Israel"... Let's make use of our air (time), make more
use of listener's labor; put wages towards listeners, as we have in the
past. Let's listen to the show (in question) and read the Jewish Journal
article before we make a judgment.

Aaron Motion: Time certain 30 minutes from now, with public comments first,
before we move to closed session. 8 yes, 6 no, one abstention. Passed

Public comment:
Listener: The KPFB and KPFA signal is retransmitted in Fresno. Let's include
this station as we "share", they (rebroadcast) Pacifica in a most reactionary
and religiosity (sic) area of California, the Central Valley.

Listener: Kpfk listeners speak up. If you (LSB) represents us, we are sunk.
"Outside services" must not get listener's phone numbers. Posting of calendar
(is) remiss, (there is) no feedback to you, no contact from listeners, no one
knows of (your) "Comment Line".

Listener: Our GM got my complaint of Ian Masters' (on air) tirade; I have
not heard back. I am uncomfortable with "Jewish Journal" on our website (and)
our reaction. We must distinguish between hate speech and provocative speech.
There should be some debate about Israel.

GM reply: I have not found that sound audio snip, need help.

Listener: LA Times has an article about Israel soldiers who have been ordered
to commit illegal acts.
What percent does Com-net take for a contract to chase our listeners?

Ross reply: We are talking a million dollars left on the table each year. Let's
put this (collection) work (wage) toward our listeners, or if we (hire a
company) give (just) a "little bit" to professionals.

GM reply: The (collection) situation is "I am planning to work with Com-net",
no agreement whatsoever.

Listener: A new air conditioner in the Telco room should be a lot less than
$20,000. A Finance Committee's motion in the past is that $5,000.00 or more
must be noticed prior to spending. Listeners would like a chance to know and
donate toward these things.

Johnston: Lobbying for or against "management" on the air is bad radio,
compliments' or defaming, and are against existing Policy and Procedures
Handbook. Programmers or staff can be removed.

Larkin motion: Discipline or complaints should not be responded to without a
transcript of the offending show, including fund drives. No second.

Governance Committee report: A stipend of $120 for a LSB secretary was approved
in committee.

New motion, substitute motions: To pay our Secretary $75.00 per month of
meetings; motions tabled.

Next Meeting : Tuesday April 21st, 2009
The LSB meeting adjourned, moving into closed session at 3:36 pm.