Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting February 17, 2009

A regular Meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board, February 17, 2009 at the
Palms Presbyterian Church
2908 Robertson Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90034

Steve Weatherwax served as Chair. Doug Barnett served as Secretary Pro-Tem.
Seventeen Members were present, constituting a quorum. Grace Aaron, David
Adelson, Jonathan Alexander, Christopher Bayard Condon, Israel Feuer, Sherna
Gluck, Jan Goodman, Ian JohnstonŠ,
Rufina Juarez, Tracy Larkin, Ali Lexa, Shawn Casey O'Brien, Reza Pour, Leslie
Summer Reese, Ricco Ross, Linda Sutton, Steve Weatherwax (LSB Chair).
Excused: Margaret Prescod
The meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm.

Motion by Larkin: Notify "list" of excused absence: No vote taken.
Motion by Radford: Members must notify Chair or Vice-Chair of excused
absence: No vote taken.
Adelson moves: That we excuse those members that have contacted the
chair, and made an active request for an excused absence. Seconded, passed
w/out objection.
Members vote to excuse: Margaret Prescod, w/out objection.

Motion on Afghanistan: Blocked by Chair {Under Article V}.
Appeal of Chair, [offering by member of a substitute motion].
Motion by Radford: Take up the motion at 9pm, time certain. vote 5- yes
6- no failed
Substitute motion Sutton: Deal with motion at hand on Afghanistan.
vote: 11- yes 1- no 1-abstention.
Motion on Afghanistan: That the KPFK LSB requests that the Pacifica Foundation
take an on-air editorial position opposing military conflict and the escalation
of military conflict in Afghanistan.
vote: 12- yes 6- no 0- abstentions.
Motion by Condon: Apend the word and to examine the pretext of the invasion of
No second.

Motion by Condon: Approval of Agenda as amended. No objection, Approved
8:32 pm
Reminder: for Listeners and LSB members to sign-up for LSB committees, on the
lists in the back of the room.
Terry Goodman specifies that the PNB committees that allow 'Delegate Members'
are the PNB's standing committees; audit, elections, finance, governance,
programming and technology committees. Members vote according to preference.

Nominations for PNB standing Committees are as follows:
Audit: Donna Warren, Dave Adelson
Elections: Jan Goodman, Israel Fuehrer.
Governance: Chris Condon, Sherna Gluck, Rufina Juarez, Israel Feuer.
Programming: Sherna Gluck, Ian JohnstonŠ, Israel Feuer, Chris Condon, Linda
Margaret Prescod.
Technology: Ali Lexa, Jonathan Alexander.
Candidates pitched for 1.5 minutes each. 9:10pm, candidate speeches close.

Motion by Adelson: In the event that any member elected declines, the votes
will be re-tabulated. Ballots will be retained. Passes without objection.

More PNB Committee nominations:
Standing Committee of Inclusion: Directors report to PNB and Delegates; 1
director, 3 delegates.
This committee did not meet last year, the chair of the committee is not known.

Committee of Inclusion, Delegate positions: Sherna Gluck, Rufina Juarez, Reza
Pour, Margaret Prescod, Tracy Larkins, Yolanda Anguiano.
Committee of Inclusion, Director position: Ricco Ross, Leslie Radford.

PNB Director Reports,
Shawn Casey O'Brien: The PNB meeting in Los Angeles was successful. We peopled
our committees; we have a new iCFO, LaVarne Williams. Dan Siegel, attorney for
Pacifica, resigned.
The outside auditors report was delivered at this PNB meeting in Los Angeles.
We are awaiting a final report from these outside auditors. There was a motion
to memorialize all past legal motions & decisions, a paragraph of every legal
opinion. The motion was tabled.
Ricco Ross reports that we need three national positions filled: the HR
position, the CFO position, and Executive Director. PNB Directors were pleased
by KPFK's hosting in LA, and the beautiful location. PNB Directors were pleased
with the worker's driving, food, coffee- Tracy Larkins, Bella, Lawrence, Marla,
doug, Bernie.
We have a PN Board with new people in a crisis time: egos must be put aside
...and the people elected us to do that.
Leslie Radford: I brought forward the motion from this body to the PNB on
finance and new loans. Report on the Teleconference, Motions were housekeeping.
Richard Ozal is the new PNB Secretary.
Grace's report: Thanks to Jan Goodman, Christopher Condon, Tom Camarillo for
hosting people in their home, Ali Lexa and Jonathan Alexander drove, Judy Olter
hosted and Ken and I had five people in our home.
Attorneys are being interviewed for a new General Council for Pacifica. The
decision will be made by Friday, February 20, 2009. Because there was no ED,
The Chair of the National Board serves as Executive Director. A search for a
new ED will begin in March. There are Thursday morning telephone meetings with
all the GM's.
KPFT met their fund drive goal by 77%. WBAI was 20% under their fund drive
goal. The PNB Finance Committee said we need austerity measures at all the
five network radio stations. We must concentrate on listener improvement. All
the GM's agreed to make an all out effort to improve programming. We need to
reverse sinking listenership. We expect significant improvements; that are
what we are concentrating on.
GM's submit a plan in two weeks; on how each station can cover their own
PNB Director Report; LSB questions: What side of [our] balance [sheet] are
Democracy Now! expenses? Answered, that the GM's are petrified of losing Amy
Goodman & [She] is a fixed expense.
Answered, Democracy Now! is not a big fund raiser but is effectively
subsidized by Pacifica in signal areas with competing Democracy Now!

Public comment:
Listener: We have no business going to our universities to give voice to
their opinion. Pacifica has a greater number of ears than all our universities
combined, Clare Spark of KPFK fame proved in her doctoral thesis that academia
got Moby Dick wrong, they got 1776 wrong.
Listener: Rotate our programming clock; we have disenfranchised our youth and
radical listeners that we were known for.
Listener: Encourage radical and younger, newer producers. We have lost Fidel,
and Soul Rebel Radio needs attention.
Listener: Austerity measures; we're losing talent. Props to this station's
fund drive, helping the Homeless appears to be mission driven, this makes for
more listener participation. Stop patronizing the Committee Of Inclusion. Check
your privilege.

The results of the PNB elections will be announced at the next LSB meeting.
The LSB meeting adjourned at 10:12 pm.