Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting, January 10, 2009
The meeting was held at the Echo Park, First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, Ca.
Time: 1:00PM-5:00PM

The meeting was called to order at 1:15PM by the Chair, Ricco Ross. L. Yeakey
agreed to be the recording secretary and take the minutes.

Attendance when the meeting began: 19 were present which included G. Aaron, J.
Alexander, Y. Anguiano, C. Condon, I. Feuer, S. Gluck, J. Goodman, I. Johnston,
T. Larkins, A. Lexa, S. Casey O'Brien, R. Pour, M. Prescod, L. Radford, S.
Reese, R. Ross, D. Warren, S. Weatherwax, L. Yeakey
Excused absences: D. Adelson, R. Juarez, L. Sutton, G. Woods, Y. Yamanaka
Late arrivals included: D. Adelson, L. Sutton, and Y. Yamanaka who were present
by 3:30PM; Y. Yamanaka, due to other pressing matters, could not remain until
the meeting ended.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting were unavailable for approval; consequently
their review was postponed until the next meeting in February. A motion to
delay approval of these minutes was taken (m/s/ap).

2. The agenda was approved; however, the items to be discussed were rearranged.

3. R. Ross, the departing Chair, commented on his service over the past year,
urged everyone to constructively work together for the benefit of the station,
and thanked everyone on the board for their service to KPFK. He noted that it
was an "honor" for him to serve as the Chair of this LSB. His superb work and
gracious remarks were met with overwhelming applause.

4. Nominations for the new Chair included Condon and Weatherwax. Weatherwax
was elected Chair of the LSB for 2009 (11-9). Terry Goodman agreed to assist
Weatherwax with matters involving parliamentary procedure. Goodman noted the
distinction that he could not be the "official" Parliamentarian, for he was not
currently a member of the LSB. Everyone applauded his willingness to volunteer
his services in this matter.

5. Elections for the Vice Chair ensued. C. Condon was elected Vice Chair of
the LSB (11-8) for 2009.

6. L. Radford made a motion to approve the agenda for this meting (m/s/ap).

7. G. Aaron made a motion to consider and vote for the staff positions to the
PNB as the next order of business. J. Goodman amended the motion to extend the
time allowed for LSB, public listener, and staff comments (m/s/ap).

8. G. Aaron made a motion to allow Y. Yamanaka to cast his two votes for the
staff positions to the PNB early because he had to leave the meeting to attend
another important engagement. The Chair ruled this motion was out of order. LSB
discussion ensued. G. Aaron called for a motion to end debate/discussion
(m/s/ap). A vote was taken 16 y / 2 n / 1 abs.

9. G. Aaron (with modifications from J. Goodman) called for a vote to overrule
the Chair's objection to allowing Y. Yamanaka to submit his vote early. The
motion to overrule the Chair passed (9 y/ 7 n / 3 abs).

10. The LSB proceeded with nominations for staff PNB. M. Prescod made a motion
to add/nominate L. Radford to take J. VanAken's seat on the PNB, due to his
resignation from the LSB. L. Radford's name was added to the ballot (m/s/ap).

11. C. O'Brien and S. Gluck nominated for the first seat. O'Brien won this
election to the first staff seat on the PNB (12 votes for O'Brien; 9 votes for

12. A vote for the second seat on the staff PNB was underway when this
recording secretary had to leave the meeting. The time was 4:55PM.

Missing from these minutes are the numerous motions passed to extend the time,
insight into the various comments, discussions and debates, and the final
outcome of the last votes for the second staff PNB position.

Respectfully submitted, Lamont Yeakey