Pacifica National Board Meeting
Saturday, January 31, 2009

The following members were present:
|Grace Aaron |Efia Nwangaza |Bonnie Simmons |
|David Beaton |Sean Casey O'Brien |Andrea Turner |
|Nia Bediako |Leslie Radford |Joe Wanzala |
|Carolyn Birden |Sandra Rawline |Susan Young |
|Jim Brown |George Reiter | |
|Acie Byrd |Jamie Ross |Dan Siegel |
|Kathryn Davis |Rico Ross |Donna Niemann |
|Sherry Gendelman |Wendy Schroell | |
|Luzette King | | |
| | | |

The following members were absent:

1. Approval of Agenda:
. Joe Wanzala proposed adding the question of a member's shifting status
from listener member to staff;
. Grace Aaron proposed moving public comment to two half-hour segments
after the general managers' report and after finance report;
. Grace Aaron proposed cutting time from the general managers and the
finance reports to 1.5 each to allow for a 1.5 hour discussion of the
restructuring of the foundation from 4:30-6. This would include
strategic planning and interim staffing.
. The finance report would be one hour, with public comment from 4-4:30
. Jamie Ross moved to start the Sunday morning session with the election
of officers and committees.

Agenda was approved as amended with no objection

2. Brian de Shazor Director of Pacifica Radio Archives
3. Affiliates Report -Ursula Ruedenberg Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator

After a brief break, the meeting was resumed at 10:45am

4. Approval of public portion of Minutes from January 23, 2009 meeting.
Wendy Schroell indicated an error in Section III
Nia moved to accept the minutes as corrected.
The secretary was asked to have the minutes posted on the website.
The minutes were accepted with no objection.

Acie Byrd asked to bring up Section IV in the Executive Session.

The confidentiality form was passed out and a discussion ensued on the
appropriateness of the document. The chair asked that those comfortable
signing do so, and that others limit themselves to one minute.

5. General Managers' presentation. Brian DeShazor, Lemlem Rijio and Sean
Heitkemper began at 11:25am. At 12:35 members gave comments and
questions. At 12:50 the public made comments.

The board adjourned for lunch at 1:30.

The chair called the meeting to order at 3pm.
6. Auditors' report.

Chair declared executive session for the initial portion of the auditors'
report, at the suggestion of the auditor. No objection.
Dan Siegel said, on review of the material and having spoken with the auditor,
that there was nothing in the material that could not be done in open session.
The chair reversed his decision and declared the meeting open.
Tony Pohl of Helin Donovan gave his report and circulated three documents: a
letter to the Chair of the Audit Committee, a letter to the PNB, and
Financial Statements September 30, 2008 and 2007 with Report of Independent

7. Financial Report
Brian Edwards-Tiekert presented the financial report at 4:38pm.
At 5:55 the floor was open for public comments.

The public session adjourned for the day at approximately 6:30 pm