Pacifica National Board
National Finance Committee Meeting
Tuesday May 10, 2005
2 pm PST; 4 pm CST; 5 pm EST

Meeting Convened @ 2:20 PM

Attendees (7): Patty Heffley, Baruti Bediako, Mark Roberts, Jane Gatewood,
Marnie Tattersall, Dave Adelson, Lonnie Hicks (CFO) (left @ 3:40 pm PST),
LaVarn Williams (joined @ 3:30 pm PST)

Absent (2): Casey McFall (excused), Sandy Weinman
Other: Mike Martin

By acclamation: Mark Roberts - Chair Pro Tem, Marnie Tattersall - Secretary Pro

Approved AGENDA
I. Call to Order - Roll Call
II. Approval of Agenda
III. Note: Vote to excuse absences was overlooked
IV. Quarterly Report by Lonnie Hicks, CFO: re March 05 Financial Results Year-
to-date (1st 6 months) and Forecast (next 6 months); FY 06 Budgeting process &
Timelines; Role of LSB's in construction of Budgets.
V. Procedures and role of LSB's in mid-year spending increases (re-forecasting
/ budget adjustments) when circumstances warrant them.
VI. Discuss/understand of REASONS for Directors' Inspection of WBAI. ("Right"
to inspect is a given.)
VII. Discuss/understand claims that WBAI "Consultant" line item in '04 Un-
audited Financials is materially different than the "Outside Service" line in
the '04 Audited results.

No resolutions were brought forward or voted on.

Meeting Adjourned @ 4 pm PST

NOTE: Next National Finance Committee Meeting is Friday May 27th @ 2 pm PST; 4
pm CST; 5 pm EST


Items Postponed for 5/27 Agenda from 5/10 Agenda -
1. Working group report - Anti Racism & Diversity Resolution - fiscal impact
analysis (15 mins)
2. Working group report - Resolutions relating to reporting of variances - (20
3. Working Confidentiality Agreement - (Martin) - (15 mins)
4. Proposal for policy to require Fiscal Impact Statements for all PNB
resolutions requiring new revenue - (Martin) - (15 mins)
5. Creation of working group to evaluate cost of Bylaw's Convention (Martin &

Additional Items Proposed for 5/27 Agenda -
1. Add tracking listener/subscribers home station when they contribute to
National via the National mail drop method (Adelson)
2. Distribution of National Mail drop - if going outside Listener base - need
PNB approval? (Heffley)
3. Policy for increasing spending in current fiscal year in relatively small
amounts if Cost of Bylaw's Convention (Hicks)
4. Union Contract renegotiations must be sure to be within Bylaws (e.g. PNB
rights to hire/fire GM's) (Heffley)
5. Include FTE Reporting in Prelim Budgets (Williams)
6. S. Brown's (WBAI LSB member) allegations of gross financial improprieties?

These minutes were approved on June 3, 2005.