Draft Agenda
Mon., Dec. 13, 2021, 7pm ET

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2. Attendance
Nando Albericci
Maria Barreto
William Heerwagen
Ralph Poynter
Cerene Roberts
Michael D.D. White

3. Report re. Staff Diversity

4. Report
re. Programming Diversity

5. Report on Area Demographics

6. New Business

7. Next meeting date:
Mon., Jan. 10, 2022, 7pm

Pacifica Foundation Bylaws re Committees of Inclusion

Article Eight, Other Committees of the Board of Directors,
Section 4: Committees of Inclusion

In addition, there shall be established, in each of the Foundation's radio
station areas, standing committees of the Board to monitor the under-representation of communities in their respective
radio station areas. These "Committees of Inclusion" shall include one Director and three LSB members from each radio
station area who shall be elected by their respective LSBs, and such additional individuals as those four shall choose
by majority vote. The Committees of Inclusion will monitor both station programming and staffing in consultation with
the LSBs. They will also monitor the diversity of election candidates and work with the LSBs' appropriate committees to
improve the diversity of election candidates at the local and national level. These Committees of Inclusion shall
monitor diversity participation in consultation with the general manager, local committees and the Board, the status of
which will be published and maintained in each respective radio station area. Communities deemed to be under-represented
by the Committees of Inclusion will be identified and the extent of their under-representation shall be communicated to
the Board, the respective LSBs and any local outreach committees. Station managers and appropriate LSB committees will
be expected to consider these communities in their future decisions about staffing, programming, and candidate outreach,
subject to any applicable state and federal laws and regulations. All station managers and Committees of Inclusion will
report to the Board and their respective LSBs quarterly on the status of diversity within their radio station areas. The
Board shall query and monitor radio station areas with identified under-represented communities and any plans for
addressing these under-represented communities' increased participation. Where necessary with due notice, the Board will
suggest and/or direct managers and committees to implement specific measures to improve the status of under-represented
communities in their respective radio station areas. The Board will assist and encourage station managers and Committees
of Inclusion in finding new ways to improve recruitment efforts in their respective radio station areas.