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Agenda : 1. Motion: Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women, (MMIW), programming collective national initiative,
including video, captions and translations format.
2. Environmental updates programming from Indigenous
3. Motion for Programming Committees at each station.
4. Motion for Cross Communication among
management, staff (unpaid, paid) and LSB through an email list at
each station.
5. Motion for a volunteer
Whistleblower Special teams at all stations, including video, captions and
translation format.
6. Motion for
National Bill of Programmers’ Rights.
7. Motion for stations’ and national TOWN HALL MEETINGS ON THE AIR.
1. Motion for Missing, Murdered Brown Women programming collectives national initiative, including video,

with captions and translations format.
2. Motion for Missing Murdered Trans programming national collective
initiative, with video, captions and
translations format.
3. Motion for 365 Indigenous, 365 Black, 365
Brown, 365 Asian, 365 GLBTQ,
1 minute history by middle, high, and university students’ collectives’
national initiative, including video,
captions, translations format.
4. Motion for radio theater collective
to make 1 min or 30 sec carts for vehicle donations, historical and current