The 11th WBAI Local Station Board is having the last meeting before new board members are seated in December 8th. There
will not be a Delegate Assembly at this meeting.

Draft Agenda
WBAI Local Station Board (LSB)
7:00 PM
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 Meeting
Remote Participation Meeting Via Zoom

1. Convene meeting.

Adopt Agenda. (20 minutes)

3. Roll Call. (5 minutes)

4. Excuse absences. (5

5. Announcement of the Chair (1 minute)

6. Approve outstanding minutes: September 8, 2021
and October 13, 2021 (5 minutes)

7. Chair�s Update
About Pacifica�s Executive
Director�s Response to Management Evaluation Report and
Recommendations. (1 Minute)

8. Thanks and Acknowledgment To Departing LSB Members, Review of Work of 11th LSB
(Chair�s remarks 2 minutes- Discussion and Remarks 5

9. Report from Pacifica National Board Directors (5 minutes)
â�" Alex Steinberg, Ralph Poynter, Shawn Rhodes, James Sagurton

Report from Community Advisory Board â�" (2
Minutes)â�" Neale Voss

11. Report of LSB Committee of Inclusion. (2
minutes) â�" William Heerwagen

12. Report of Program Director Search
Committee & Scheduling Executive Session . (5 minutes) â�" Shawn

13. Treasurer�s Report.
â�" (5 Minutes report 5 minutes discussion)
â�" R. Paul Martin

14. General
Manager�s Report- (15 minutes for report & 15 minutes for
discussion) â�" Berthold Reimers

15. Programming Updates. (5 minutes
for report & 5 minutes Q&A) â�" Linda Perry

16. Discussion:
Increasing Popularity (Especially Among Democrats) and Calls For Censorship to Be Exercised By Government and/or Big
Tech (15 minutes) â�" Michael D. D. White

17. Discussion: Possible
Creation of Ad Hoc Programming Advisory Committee as Sounding Board For Program Director, Liason With PD For LSB and For
Efficiency For Those LSB Members Communicating With PD â�" Michael D. D. White
(10 Minutes)

18. Discussion: Improving WBAI and Pacifica Reputation and Brand. (10 minutes)

Public Comment. (30 minutes, 2 minutes maximum per speaker before next in queue to speak. Must always begin no later
than 9:15 PM ET.)

20. Unfinished Business. (5 minutes)

21. New

22. Adjourn no later than 9:45 PM. (ET)