Persons present: Tom Murata, Pat Logan, Darryl McPherson,Zabby,Ron Fecher, Denises Joyce, El, Nanette Knipke, Maat,
Carolyn Birden, Bruce Greif, Mario Mastrandrea, Jack DePalma, Diane Sargent, Pamela Nichalson

recommends the following to the station.
1. Post on the WBAI web page any broadcast problems. Also have phone
numbers available for listeners to call WBAI when broadcast problems occur.
2. Have an investigative show on Covid
19. Present the goverment or CDC position and any problems or issues with said position. Such a show could be a
week-end special.
3. Post on WBAI web page a list of transferred shows and where they were transferred to.
Have a nurses show by nurses, and for nurses.
5. Have music ready to play to avoid dead air.
6. Question, does
the station still have the broadcast range of a 50 thousand watt station.
7. Have producers call in ahead of time,
if they are late or cannot make the show.
8. The Station Manager should give a monthly report to the
9. Have a WBAI volunteer act as a media liaison.
10. Have a cart to announce the WBAI Finance
Committee meeting.

At the end of the CAB meeting there was a CAB Governane Committee meeting which passed the CAB
By laws and sent them to the full CAB.