KPFT Local Station Board Regular Monthly Meeting
Teleconference meeting via Zoom
Draft Agenda
I. Call to
II. Staff Recognition (5 minutes)
III. Roll Call (3 min.)
IV. Excused Absences (3 min.)
V. Agenda
Approval (10 min.)
VI. Minutes Approval (5 min.)
VII. General Manager Report, Q & A (30 min.)
VIII. Public
Comment [time certain 8pm to 8:30pm CT] (30 min)
IX. Pacifica National Board and National Committee Reports, Q & A
(20 m)
Note: The LSB may go into Executive Session if needed, to get updates from PNB Directors regarding the sale of
the KPFT property, if such updates need to be kept confidential.
a. Elect replacement LSB member (not a PNB
Director) to PNB National Programming Committee
X. KPFT Committee Reports, Q & A (15 m)
XI. Unfinished Business
(10 m)
XII. New Business (20 m)
a. Hoyt: "I move that a simple analysis be requested to determine if the recent
changes to play more music and less political programming has resulted in an increase in donations, as was given as the
reason for that change, and that the unbiased and thorough result of this analysis be given to the incoming station
manager for his consideration."
XIII. Confirm date of Next LSB Meeting (second Wednesday of next month)
Adjourn by 9:45pm or earlier