I Call to Order, by Sec. Jeanine Rohn
II Roll Call by Sec. Jeanine Rohn
III Minutes about amendment to

Articles of Incorporation, which
passed the PNB.
IV Agenda proposed
1. LSB Extended tenure of one year

A • cost saving,
B• change elections to odd years,
C• extra year of experience before

end of term.
D• Avoid voting to extend one’s own
E• required by a vote of
F• separate vote from PNB tenure
extension may be easier path to be
G• 2021, 2022, vote.
H• can be voted for implementation
of LSB elected in
2025, 2027,
I • other options
2. KPFA LSB prohibits :
a• prohibits Public Comment of any

people of governance,
b• prohibits non-KPFA LSB to write
in the Zoom Chat,

c• prohibits any recording, video or
d• has no committees. Bylaws says

“ may have “ advisory
e• meeting the minimum required by

the bylaws, “ at least every other
3. Personnel Committee of PNB & LSB

shall use STV in selection of
• shall allow all members to review all

candidates’ resumes,
• shall have carts for GM Search in
English and in Spanish.
• other
rules of procedure.
• number of finalists.
4. Communications resolutions
enforcement progress
5. Investigation of members of actions
detrimental to the foundation.
6. Motion about keeping a separate
of PNB approved resolutions .
V. Adjournment