Present: Maxine, DeeDee, Bruce, Michael, Caroline Birden (briefly: Carolyn McIntyre)
Missing: Rachel Barr, Mitchel

We decided to put the discussion of the sidewalk sale later, pending Rachel Barr attendance. We will
discuss at the next meeting.
The art auction is for later-- either in the late fall or early spring 2022. There are
several hundred paintings and drawings that are available, plus the ones already being stored.
We discussed getting a
WBAI Bumper sticker. We need to look at earlier designs and pick one.
In general there is a lack of publicity
material and Maxine will look through the files to get a sense of what is available from the past.
Bruce suggested
that the old Folio covers have very cool designs.
Maxine brought up the African Art Fair which will take place on
July 4 for four days. She will be there and others agreed to help. We agreed to have some publicity material available
for people to take home by that time. We thought a postcard would be a good idea. We should also have bumper stickers
(to sell?) available and glassine stick sheets that can be put in store windows.
We spoke of tee shirts and Bruce
said there is a company named Zazzle which alllows you to send designs and then order shirts and you don't have to keep
the inventory-- it is print on demand. People could order (and pay for) at the WBAI table (at fairs and events) and the
company will send directly to the customer.
Bruce also mentioned the Jazz Festival. He said that because of the
station's ability to publicize events, we should trade with them that if we broadcast info about their event, they
should also promote WBAI membership.
Bruce will get a sort of sample for producers to use for "quid pro quo"
DeeDee suggested that we write a letter to all producers that they team up with community groups to be a
presence at events and that they also promote WBAI as part of their events. Maxine also said the letter to producers
should also include the suggestion that all producers need to fill out the form for EACH show so that they can come up
on searches and promote the station.
DeeDee volunteered to pay for the Bumper stickers. ( Rachel Barr had said in an
email that any printing should be done in a union shop.)
After everyone had left and before I shut off the Zoom,
Marie Skelton came on and she said she was interested because she had heard the town hall and really liked it. She
missed the meeting because she lives on the West Coast and confused the time.