KPFT Local Station Board Regular Monthly Meeting
Teleconference meeting via Zoom
Draft Agenda
I. Call to
II. Staff Recognition (5 minutes)
III. Roll Call (3 min.)
IV. Excused Absences (3 min.)

V. Agenda Approval (10 min.)
VI. Minutes Approval (5 min.)
VII. General Manager Report, Q & A (30 min.)

VIII. Public Comment [time certain 8PM – 8:30PM] (30 min)
IX. Pacifica National Board and National
Committee Reports, Q & A (20 m)
X. Delegates meeting to vote on New Day Pacifica bylaws (20 m)
Committee Reports, Q & A (15 m)
a. Community Advisory Board (5 m)
b. Finance (5 m)
c. Building and Properties
(5 m)
d. Development (5 m)
XII. Unfinished Business (10 m)
Allen motion continued from February
and March LSB meetings: that the Development and Outreach Committees be combined into a working group.
Business (20 m)
a. Weisgal motion 1: that the KPFT LSB dedicate 30 minutes of our May meeting, starting right after
agenda approval, to discuss the proposed bylaws changes. The format for this discussion shall be that of a Quasi
Committee of the Whole with the following additions: Each LSB member may speak for one minute each time they speak. No
one may speak two or more times if another LSB member who wishes to speak has spoken less. Anyone who exceeds the one
minute time limit by 10 seconds will sacrifice their next opportunity to speak. Two violations will disqualify them
b. Weisgal motion 2: that in the spirit of transparency, the 30-minute LSB discussion be aired live and
be rebroadcasted, and that there be rebroadcasts with prior notice on KPFT of the April discussion held by the PNB. The
scheduling of the recorded broadcasts shall be determined by the KPFT General Manager.
c. Weisgal motion 3: that the
KPFT LSB request of the KPFT General Manager the scheduling of at least six consecutive primetime hours for a Mumia
Abu-Jamal marathon that will include on KPFT 90.1FM (the main channel) the airing of Mumia commentaries and Free Mumia
events that will also include programming related to the life and murder of George Floyd. This event should take place
no later than July 30, 2021. The KPFT GM is requested to share his ideas and receive feedback for this proposed event
with the KPFT LSB during our June meeting. Included in his report should be plans for an advance promotion
d. Saibara-Naritomi motion 1: Motion for Business Manager to send financial documents for last 3 years to
1.1 bank statements ;
1.2 expenses with itemization and description ;
1.3 donations;

1.4 spread sheet lines’ descriptions and denote all different items on the same line.
1.5 how much of
transmitter loan has been paid and show proof of where payments are being sent.
1.6 when transmitter loan
payments were switched from National office to KPFA.
1.7 when transmitter loan payments were switched to
National office, from KPFA.
e. Saibara-Naritomi motion 2. Motion to have carts announcing LSB meeting with tel # and
where to find a link to the zoom meeting, starting at least 1 week in advance, according to bylaws. Failure to have a
cart announcing the LSB is a violation of the bylaws. KPFT must get into compliance. So far this year KPFT LSB Meetings
have not been announced on air.
f. Saibara-Naritomi motion 3. Motion to start KPFT LSB Programming Committee, by
airing a cart to invite members to join to help improve, promote, conduct a survey of all shows and report to
Listeners, reaching out to students and teachers, for training, producing segments, and for future producers.
Saibara-Naritomi motion 4. Motion to start KPFT OUTREACH Committee, by airing a cart to invite members, to deliver
flyers, make led signs for inside parked cars, plan virtual events and on the air, such as a talent show, international
festival, social media brigade, design and make logo patches that reflect light.
h. Saibara-Naritomi motion 5.
Motion to address missing minutes and missing audio of 2020.
XIV. Confirm date of Next LSB Meeting (second
Wednesday of next month)
XV. Adjourn by 9:45pm or earlier