1. Convene meeting 8:30 PM (ET)
2. Roll Call
3. Adopt Agenda
4. Chair's Announcements (2 minutes)
Minutes Approval (3 minutes)
6. Discuss adding NETA Controller to the NFC mailing list (5 minutes)
7. Report, if
available, on the KPFK Fund Drive (KPFK Treasurer 5 minutes Report and Q & A)
8. Report, if available from the
Pacifica Executive Director (10 minutes Report and Q&A)
9. interim CFO Report (20 minutes Report and Q&A)
National Office Budget and Central Services Formula (40 minutes)
11. Budget Timelines and schedule for NFC review of
budgets for FY22 (5 minutes)
12. Unfinished business with the National Office; compile a list to share with the
National Office of year end outstanding items
13. Adjourn no later than 10:15 PM (ET)