1. Convene meeting 8:30 PM (ET)
2. Roll Call
3. Adopt Agenda
4. Chair's Announcements (2 minutes)

5. Minutes Approval (3 minutes)
6. Schedule an Executive Session for Each of the Next Two NFC Meetings (3
7. Check Registers to NETA (10 minutes)
8. Review Draft 2021 KPFK Budget Non Personnel Expenses (60
minutes Q&A with KPFK BM Barry Brooks)
9. Interim CFO Report Central Services Payments Report (20 minutes Report and
10. Budget Timelines for FY 2022 (10 minutes)
11. National Office Updates: Aged Payables Report, Allegiance,
FJC, Paper work on Texas house sale, FJC Revised Contract, Access for NETA to KPFT Bank accounts, KPFT Studio Sale
Brokers Contract (5 minutes)
12. New Business Accounting for Side Channel Income, Motion: Check Registers Copied to
NETA at End of Every Month, Invoices to NETA Every Month (5 minutes)
13. Adjourn no later than 10:15 PM (ET)