2021-04-06 KPFT Finance Committee Minutes

1. Call To Order - Roll Call [5 min]

Election Secretary Pro Tem & Chair Pro Tem [15 min]

3. Approval of Minutes for March Meeting of this Committee
[5 min]

4. KPFT Management to present report to include cash position, current monthly cash 'burn,' current
status of 419 Lovett rehabilitation status and costs, pending operations expenses apart from maintenance, funding for
March 2021 [15 min]
4A. Committee Q&A with Management [15 min]

5. Requested clarification on definition
and items inclusion for budget template that will be used to construct 2022 budget [20 min]

6. Timeline for
pro-forma budget draft for FY 2022. It would be advantageous to have this for our May meeting or before - this will
allow us to complete a working draft by Aug 1. [5 min]

7. New Business [10 min]

8. Public Comment [10

9. Establish next meeting date / time [2 min]

10. Adjourn