KPFT Local Station Board Regular Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 7:00 pm CT
Teleconference meeting via
Draft Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Staff Recognition (5 minutes)
III. Roll Call (5 min.)

IV. Excused Absences (3 min.)
V. Agenda Approval [10 min.]
VI. Minutes Approval [5 min.]
General Manager Report, Q & A [30 min.]
VIII. Public Comment [time certain 8PM – 8:30PM] [30 m]
Pacifica National Board and National Committee Reports, Q & A [20 m]
X. KPFT Committee Reports, Q & A (15 m)

XI. Unfinished Business (10m)
XII. New Business (10 m)
XIII. Confirm date of Next LSB Meeting (Wed. Apr.
14, 2021)
XIV. Adjourn by 9:45pm or earlier