Includes Delegate Assembly and Election of Pacifica National Board Members.

Report out from Executive Session:
The WBAI LSB met in executive session on January 13, 2021 to discuss personnel issues of a confidential nature in
connection with the possible establishment of a grievance procedure and/or collective bargaining organization for unpaid
staff and producers.

Agenda // WBAI Local Station Board (“LSB”)
7:00 PM, Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Meeting Via Zoom
1. Convene meeting.
2. Adopt Agenda. (20 minutes)
3. Roll Call. (5
4. Excuse absences. (5 minutes)
5. Approve outstanding minutes: December 9, 2020 (5
6. Chair’s Update About Pacifica’s Executive Director’s Response to Management Evaluation Report
and Recommendations. (1 Minute)
7. Report from Pacifica National Board Directors. (10 minutes) — Alex Steinberg,
Ralph Poynter, Shawn Rhodes, James Sagurton
8. Recess to Delegates Assembly.
9. Convene Delegates Assembly
to be chaired by the LSB Chair.
10. Adopt minutes of January 8, 2020 Delegates Assembly. (2 minutes)
Nomination of Directors for Election to PNB (Voting to follow by Opavote after meeting)
a. One Staff Director
IRV (10 minutes)
b. Three listener Directors STV (15 minutes)
12. Vote on Approving Proposed Bylaw
Changes/Resolution Disapproving Changes. (15 minutes)
13. Reconvene LSB meeting.
14. Review of current
Population of Committees and Task Forces preparatory to February Meeting. (3 Minutes)
15. General Manager’s
Report. (8 minutes for report & 6 minutes for discussion) — Berthold Reimers
16. Public Comment. (30 minutes, 2
minutes maximum per speaker before next in queue to speak. Must always begin no later than 9:15 PM.)
Executive Session- Discussion of Instituting Possible Grievance Procedure. (30 Minutes)
18. Update from Radio
Committee. (3 minutes) — Shawn Rhodes
19. Report of LSB Committee of Inclusion. (3 minutes) — William
20. Report From Program Director Search Committee, continued work of committee. (5 minutes) — Shawn
20. Programming Updates. (3 minutes report, 5 minutes Q&A) — Linda Perry
23. Treasurer’s Report.
— (5 Minutes report 5 minutes discussion) — R. Paul Martin
2. Report & Discussion: Google groups — (3
Minutes) — R. Paul Martin
24. Raising money for COVID affected people. (2 minutes) — Errol Maitland
Resolution Supporting Use of Rotating Fundraising Slots in New 52-Week Schedule As Opportunity For Content-Based
Fundraising That Builds Listenership. (5 minutes) — Michael D. D. White
26. Discussion: Improving WBAI and
Pacifica Reputation and Brand. (10 minutes)
27. Motion respecting hiring a full time Pacifica Foundation Executive
Director and Funding That Person’s Compensation. (4 minutes) — Mitch Cohen
28. Unfinished Business. (12
a. Vote on Finance Committee Motions. (10 minutes)
29. New Business. (5 minutes)
Adjourn no later than 9:45 PM. (ET)