Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Special Meeting of 2/09/08

(Draft - Subject to LSB Approval)

A special meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on February 9, 2008
at the Workmen's Circle
1525 So. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035 with Ricco Ross in the chair
and Yosh Yamanaka serving as Secretary Pro Tem. This being a special meeting,
no minutes were approved.

Twenty Members were present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, Jonathan
Alexander, Yolanda Anguiano (arr. 1:36), Lich Doan, Israel Feuer, Sherna Gluck,
Jan Goodman (arr. 1:38), Ian Johnston (arr. 1:38), Tracy Larkins (arr. 1:30),
Ali Lexa, Shawn Casey O'Brien, Shel Plotkin, Reza Pour, Leslie Radford, Ricco
Ross, Summer Reese (arr. 2:00), Jack VanAken, Steve Weatherwax, Don White, and
Yosh Yamanaka.

Also present: Roger Zimmerman of the KPFK Elections Working Group.

Absent: Dave Adelson, Jim Lafferty, Gabrielle Woods.

Excused: Margaret Prescod, Donna Warren.

Authority and Notice: This special meeting was scheduled to consider the future
and composition of the GM Search Committee pursuant to a motion adopted by the
LSB on January 22, 2008. Specific notice was posted on the KPFK website
beginning on February 1, 2008 (see Appendix A).

The meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm. Yosh Yamanaka was appointed
Secretary Pro Tem and Lich Doan was appointed time-keeper, without objection.

The proposed agenda was approved without objection (see Appendix B).

Sherna Gluck presented an oral report from the Governance Committee meeting of
January 16, 2008. Don White distributed a written minority report (see
Appendix C).

Motion from the Governance Committee (with notice):
Moved, that the General Manager Search Committee be thanked by the LSB for
their much appreciated work which will be utilized and, further, that at this
time the LSB discharge the GM Search Committee.
Motion passed by a roll call vote, after listener comment.
Ayes: 9 (Aaron, Alexander, Doan, Gluck, Goodman, Lexa, O'Brien, Plotkin,
Nays: 8 (Anguiano, Feuer, Johnston, Larkins, Pour, Radford, White, Yamanaka)
Abstentions: 1 (Weatherwax)

Point of order from Johnston that a substitute motion is on the floor so must
be disposed of.
Well taken.

There was a five minute segment of public comment.

Motion from the Governance Committee (as amended on the motions of Gluck,
Yamanaka, and Goodman):
The new General Manager Search Committee shall be composed of 7 LSB listener
members, 2 LSB paid staff members and 2 LSB unpaid staff members to be elected
by STV at the Special LSB meeting on February 9, 2008. Every effort will be
made to ensure that this 11 member committee include at least 50% women and
people of color in conformity with the Pacifica Race and Nationality Policy.
The GM Search Committee is to be expanded to 13 members by including two
community members to be selected by the LSB from a pool of five which includes
the three from the just-disbanded GM Search Committee and the two who have
already submitted their nominations in writing. Those two members take their
seats when so elected to the search committee with a mind to establishing
diversity as needed. Further that the GM Search committee proceed with the
search process while those two members are selected by the LSB on or before the
next LSB meeting.
Motion passed by a roll call vote, after public comment.
Ayes: 16 (Aaron, Alexander, Anguiano, Doan, Gluck, Goodman, Johnston, Larkins,
Lexa, O'Brien, Plotkin, Pour, Radford, Reese, Weatherwax, Yamanaka)
Nays: 1 (VanAken)
Absentions: 2 (Feuer, White)

There was a seven minute segment of public comment.

Point of order from Aaron that amendments are not in order after debate has
been closed.
Not well taken. Public comment was heard but there was no consent to the
ending of debate.

Point of order from Johnston that the motion is out of order as to form and
Not well taken. An implementation timetable is included in the motion through
its specification of a deadline, and it is the LSB itself that must act.

Point of order from White that the motion on the table must be disposed of.
Well taken.

Point of order from Johnston that after a motion forming a committee no other
business is in order until the committee is constituted.
Well taken.

Nominations were opened for listener membership on the new GM Search committee.
Nominated were Anguiano, Yamanaka, Ross, Doan, Goodman, Woods, Johnston, Aaron
(declined), Radford, Larkins, Pour, and White (declined).

Nominations were opened for unpaid staff membership on the new GM search
committee. Nominated were Gluck, O'Brien, and Prescod (declined per Gluck).

Nominations were opened for paid staff membership on the new GM search
committee. Nominated were Alexander and Lexa.

Motion from Gluck:
Whereas the seats are uncontested, Jonathan Alexander and Ali Lexa are
appointed to the committee in the paid staff category and Sherna Gluck and Sean
Casey O'Brien are appointed to the committee in the unpaid staff category by
Motion passed without objection.

Ballots were distributed, marked, and collected. Jack VanAken served as teller
for the election, without objection. Tallying of ballots was publicly
witnessed and the results to be reported were endorsed by signature. Without
objection, the Teller's report was postponed to the regular LSB meeting to
immediately follow the special meeting. As reported in that meeting, the seven
LSB listener members elected by STV were as follows (see Appendix D).

Summer Reese elected.
Ricco Ross elected.
Yosh Yamanaka elected.
Yolanda Anguiano elected.
Gabrielle Woods elected.
Leslie Radford elected.
Lich Doan elected.

Without objection, the special meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:30 pm.

These minutes were prepared by reference to an audio recording of the meeting
and informed by the notes of the Secretary Pro Tem.

Respectfully Submitted,

Terry Goodman
(These minutes have not been approved.)
APPENDIX A - Meeting Notice

NOTICE - KPFK LSB Regular & Special, 2/09/08, 1:00 pm

A special meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board (LSB) is scheduled for
Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008 at 1:00 pm at the Workmen's Circle, 1525 S. Robertson
Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035-4231, 310-552-2007. The purpose of this special
meeting is to determine the composition of the KPFK General Manager Search

A regular meeting of the KPFK LSB will follow the special meeting and is
tentatively scheduled to begin at 2:30 or 2:45 pm.

Both meetings will be open to the public.

The Workmen's Circle (http://www.circlesocal.org) is a few blocks south of Pico
Blvd. on Robertson. By freeway, take the 10 Fwy to Robertson and go north on
Robertson for under 2 miles. For exact directions enter starting and ending
addresses and zipcodes at http://www.mapquest.com.


APPENDIX B - Proposed Agenda


APPENDIX C - Governance Committee Report & Minority Report


APPENDIX D - Tellers' Report