The WBAI TOWN HALL will hold a conference call on Sunday after the regularly scheduled Community Advisory Meeting.

Meeting out of doors was considered but the real concerns of transportation for some and in person attendance for
others are significant for many CAB and WBAI listeners who may wish to attend in this COVID 19 pandemic.


ON JULY 19, 2020 at 2 pm at telephone # 623 600 3766 with access code #963003.
Michael, Jack of the
Town Hall working group and Neil Voss of the WBAI CAB will host a conference call for listeners as the July Town Hall
Meeting. We hope many attend and we expect to listen to listeners. We know there are many who want to ask questions and
stay informed.
Please listen in and make your contribution.
Thank you.
The call is expected to last for 1 hour
but if needed it can be extended.
Jack DePalma,