1. Convene meeting 8:30 PM (ET)
2. Roll Call
3. Adopt agenda
4. Chair's announcements (2 minutes)
Approval of minutes (5 mins)
6. ICFO Report, Anita Sims: Since we don't have the October financials yet, as is
common for this timeframe, Anita will discuss cash flow at the station level, the lack of central services payments to
the National office and outstanding payables from the national office. (15 minutes report, 30 minutes Q&A)
7. Central
Services Formula (30 minutes)
8. It has been suggested by Affiliate Director Robin Collier that the monthly
Financials that are now simultaneously copied to the NFC, iED, the PNB Officers and the GM's should also be copied at
the same time to Ursula. Discussion. (5 minutes)
9. Reports from stations on Budget Timeline progress (starting where
we left off last time) KPFT, WPFW, WBAI, KPFA, KPFK (5 minutes)
10. Old business

Motion for a moratorium on
Central Services from KPFT. Whereas, KPFT-Houston has struggled financially in all phases of finances, however it has
dutifully sacrificed to meet its financial commitments to the Foundation's National Office.
Whereas, this has caused
KPFT to neglect infrastructure and employee needs, the time has come for special consideration of its neglected
Therefore, I move that KPFT be exempted from its National Office Central Services commitments for a period of
12 months. In addition to this, that upon the Foundation receiving the anticipated stimulus funds, that KPFT's
infrastructure and equipment deficiencies be given upmost priority in any disbursements to the Foundation subsidiaries

11. New Business

SCA income accounting and credit toward Central Services for it.

Adjourn no later than 10:15 PM (ET)