1. Convene meeting 8:30 PM (ET)
2. Roll call
3. Approve Agenda
4. Minutes Approval (5 minutes)
5. Guest
Speaker: Eileen Rosin, PNB Audit Committee Chair (5 minutes for Report, 10 minutes Q&A)
6. Referred Motion from the
PNB on Relief of Central Services for KPFT (DeWayne Lark) (30 minutes)
7. $80,000 Transfer from KPFA (10 minutes, if
8) Referred Motion from PNB on Sideband Revenues (10 minutes)
9) Discussion of Central Services formula
(15 minutes)
10) Discussion of Budgeting Process (10 minutes) to include returning to a functioning network wide
Budget process which we have not had for at least four years.
11) New Business
12) Adjourn no later than 10:15 PM