MEETING MINUTES RE PROGRAMMINGProgramming: There is a lot of discussion about programming, whether it is diverse or not,
and whether there is quality of programming that invites listeners. There should be a regular evaluation and assessment,
that it should objective and public, with written criteria so that programmers know what they are being evaluated on.
Some of it may be raising funds. It might evaluations and quality. And it should be discussed individually and the
programmer should know what they are being evaluated on. Evaluations are given, decisions are made, response to the
decisions before and actions are taken. There needs to be more to programming than diversity of culture or race, but
also between music and talk, opinion show, pre-produced, quality issues, professional, clarity of what is expected.
There are structural challenges. Addressing these challenges and comparing programming meets with shortcomings of what
diversity. Diversity without equity is still not diversity. Defining this is what the CAB did well and the LSB needs to
respond to. Stop counting people.

Suggestion that another survey needs to be done with the listeners, construct
a survey that is inclusive, fair and equitable. It is an important addition to programming factors. The survey should be
raising reviewed to see where the CAB finished from last year, but to increase the value by doing more than what was
done before. If you do the same thing over and over again, it is a waste of resources. It is important to have the right
people in the room to have the right conversation. We should ask, who is in the room as well as who is not in the room.
How do we measure success. If the audience defines the success and the GM defines the success, it must be a joint effort
that includes the programmers.

Alán Alán Apurim with draft a new survey. PK will provide former surveys to him
to use and Yolanda Marshall will consult. Draft will be given to IGM and staff to finalizing and sending out to
listeners, staff and programmers.