Teller's Report
2020 PNB Officers Elections
April 1, 2020
Public Tally Online via Zoom



2020 PNB

PNB Chair: Alex Steinberg ELECTED -- 1st round
PNB Vice-Chair: DeWayne Lark
ELECTED -- 1st round
PNB Secretary: Grace Aaron ELECTED -- 1st



The following twenty-two persons were recognized as members of the Pacifica National Board with
standing to vote. They were sent electronic ballots and voting instructions by PNB Secretary Pro-Tem Grace

Grace Aaron (KPFK), Robin Collier (KCEI), Chris C. Cory (KPFA), Vanessa Dixon-Briggs (WPFW), Lynden Foley
(KPFT), Jan Goodman (KPFK), Heather Gray (WRFG), Sabrina Jacobs (KPFA), Wally James (KPFT), DeWayne Lark (KPFT), Ron
Pinchback (WPFW), Ralph Poynter (WBAI), Sandra Rawline (KPFT), Lawrence Reyes (KPFK), Shawn Rhodes (WBAI), Eileen Rosin
James Sagurton (WBAI), Nancy Sorden (WPFW), Alex Steinberg (WBAI), Akio Tanaka (KPFA), Polina Vasiliev
(KPFK), Tom Voorhees (KPFA).

Twenty-one Directors responded with valid ballots consolidating the three Officer
elections, but a ballot will count as invalid in any individual contest where the voter did not rank any


Two ballots were sent to one ballot recipient and not the other. Voters
were contacted and re-submitted ballots prior to the deadline.


One Director
complained that the placement of names on the ballot was confusing. Perhaps this is because the ranking field for
write-in candidates had no explanation or candidate name. One Director misused this field and placed rankings to the
right of candidate names rather than to the left, but corrected this mismarking by submitting a replacement ballot
before the deadline. Future ballots should not include a ranking field for write-ins if more than one candidate name is
present on a horizontal row.


All write-in votes were for eligible
persons. No write-in candidates were elected. No election was incomplete.


Due to the
novel coronavirus pandemic, the public tally was held online rather than in person. Notice of the tally was posted on
the Pacifica Monthly View only two days in advance, because a PNB meeting had been pre-scheduled for April 2. The
Public Tally occurred at 7:00 pm Pacific Time on April 1, 2020. There were no ties to resolve. Terry Goodman was
connected as Remote Teller and Michael Novick was connected as Secondary Ballot Recipient. Witnesses were remotely
connected as Beth Kean, Lawrence Reyes, Paul Roberson, and DeWayne Lark, but witness identities were not


Each voter selected a code for their ballot, except that a code was
assigned to one director who failed to select one. The user codes are included (bracketed) in the ChoicePlus Pro input
files for each election. Voters can confirm that their votes were properly recorded by examining these input files, as
explained below.


The ChoicePlus Pro input files used in the remote tally of these
elections are included in a zip file attached to this report, along with a Detail Report for each election. Voters can
confirm that the candidate ranking on their ballot matches that on the input files in reference to the four-letter
candidate code assigned near the top of each input file. For example, here is a truncated sample input file from a
previous year's elections:

# PNB Committee CPPro Configuration File
.TITLE 2017 PNB Coordinating Cmte - KPFA
.CONTEST "2017_PNB_Coord_KPFA"

.CANDIDATE CAMP, "Bill Campisi (WI)"
"Sabrina Jacobs (WI)"
.CANDIDATE TURN, "Andrea Turner-Dyson (WI)"

5) [80101] CAMP

can tell from the above that there were three write-in candidates in the election for the KPFA Director seat on the PNB
Coordinating Committee in 2017, that the vote on ballot 5 with user code 80101 went to Bill Campisi, and that the vote
on ballot 9 with user code COSMO went to Sabrina Jacobs.

Terry Goodman, Teller