WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
February 12, 2020
Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library

4450 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, D.C.
Tony Leon – Vice Chair
Ellen Williams Carter - Secretary
I. Call to order
Tony Leon, vice chair
called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm. Quorum was established at 6:47pm.
II. Roll call
19 - Members that were
present at roll call: Craig Hall, Craig Williams, Donna Grimes, Dennis Williams, Eileen Rosin, Ellen Williams Carter,
Julie Hewitt, Louis Wolf, Marsha Coleman Adebayo, Martha Peterson, Maskeelah Washington, Thomas Blanton, Tony Leon,
Vanessa Dixon-Briggs, Wayne Bruce, Arthur McCloud, Lucille Perez, Tim Willard, and Kathleen Malloy

6 - Excused Absences: Chuk Nixon, Sabooh Hikim, Nancy Sorden, Ron Pinchback, Thomas O’Rourke, Nick Arena
Unexcused: Jay Winter Nightwolf
The IPD Katea Stitt was absent. A report was not submitted.
Timekeeper: Julie
Sergeant at Arms: Maskeelah Washington
III. Agenda
The Agenda was approved.
IV. Approval of the
The December 11, 2019 and the January 8, 2020 minutes were approved.
V. Management Reports
The General
Manager, Jerry Paris stated the following:
Pledge Drive
During the December pledge drive $150,000 was raised in 6
days. On the 3rd day of Winter Pledge Drive $44,000 dollars was raised.
There was a live broadcast of
the poor people’s campaign.
The Transmitter is working okay; however, we are still on low
power from 9am to 6pm. At this time there is work going on at the American University tower. We should have full power
by February 10th.
Bylaw Amendments
We need to vote on the Bylaw Amendments.
GM Response to Questions:
HD is a new medium that is still growing. We will have four (4) HD channel streams. HD streams are another
source of revenue. Several radio outlets are interested in joining our HD stream: UDC, Bowie University, Howard
University and We Act radio.
GM acquired chairs, etc. for $200 from Kingsbury School that
Programming Collaboration with WBAI
WBAI asked if we could collaborate with them and they air The
Collision: Sports and Politics and Code Pink Radio. Additionally, the GM suggested that WBAI to do remotes. Super
Tuesday east to west broadcast is in the planning stages.
The Howard Theater fundraiser needs to be
locked down on a date. The U Street Jam is scheduled for April 25.
VI. Finance
A written report was
Station Cash Flow Update:
The Bank Balances were $83,000 as of January 31, 2020. The Winter Pledge
Drive is critical for cash flow for the next 4 months. Off-air fundraisers are planned thru the end of February.

Budget Revenue and Expense Updates:
It should be noted that past due Central Services payments (4-7) and other
past due payments including approximately $20,000 in National Election costs that is not included in the FY2020 budget;
however, the loan interest payments of $3,150 per month are included in the Budget starting in December 2019. The
Station has not been asked to make payments for the National Election to date. Budgeted Expenses of $50,000 for the HD
transmitter costs were not made in January due to lack of funds.
VII. PNB Report
As a result of the
pending Proposed Bylaw Amendments the new PNB members can’t be seated.
Mediation was tried regarding the WBAI
situation. The Interim ED was fired.
VIII. Community Comment
David Lee
He had questions about the Proposed
Bylaw Amendments. He was referred to Pacifica.org for more information.
Joe Brown
Submitted a list of probable
funders. A PSA is needed about the proposed bylaw amendments. John
Directed to GM Unity walk did not set
a date what is a good time to start a dialogue. GM said he will meet with him.
Cliff Smith
He discussed the Black
history of Greensboro. He asked could we get Bohemian Cavern. The GM said we maybe be able to work with Davey on it. He
also showed us his protest signs.
IX. MASC Committee
The next meeting is 3rd Wednesday of the month. They don’t
have anyone that they can send to Jerry for review.
X. Outreach and Development
Topics discussed:
-A Calendar
of community/fundraising events
-Town Hall Meeting
-Distributing cards
U Street Jam
It will take place
April 25, 2020 at Prince Hall. Torries restaurant will provide food and an open bar. No more than 275 people
Blues Festival
2nd Saturday in August
5K Run
Sometime in September
XI. Programming
The program committee met by phone. They had an election of officers. They discussed the PSA for the
proposed bylaw amendments. They discussed live @5 and news on the weekend.
Questions: Can public affairs be aired
on the weekends? Can a Round-up take place at the end of the week? They will talk with Askia regarding these news
program questions.
The Program committee will present a survey to Robb.
XII. New Business
Julie stated the
small group (5) met regarding seeking an outside fundraising consultant. They put together a plan on how to raise funds
to do this. They are looking for more volunteers. If you are interested contact Julie.
XIII. Adjourned the Regular
Meeting at 8:26 pm
Tony Leon, Vice Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:26 pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams