WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
January 8, 2020
1990 K St NW
Suite 14R
Washington, DC
Sabooh Hakim –
Ellen Williams Carter - Secretary
I. Call to order
Sabooh Hakim, chair called the meeting to order at
6:35 pm. Quorum was established at 6:40pm.
II. Roll call
23- Members that were present at roll call: Chuk Nixon,
Craig Hall, Craig Williams, Donna Grimes, Dennis Williams, Eileen Rosin, Ellen Williams Carter, Julie Hewitt, Louis
Wolf, Marsha Coleman Adebayo, Martha Peterson, Maskeelah Washington, Nancy Sorden, Nick Arena, Sabooh Hikim, Thomas P.
O'Rourke, Thomas Blanton, Tony Leon, Vanessa Dixon-Briggs, Wayne Bruce, Ron Pinchback, Jay Winter Nightwolf, Arthur
McCloud, Lucille Perez, Tim Willard
1- Excused Absences: Kathleen Malloy
Segun Adebayo
The IPD Katea Stitt was absent. A report was not submitted.
Timekeeper: Arthur McCloud
Sergeant at
Arms: Ron Pinchback
III. Agenda
The Agenda was approved with amendments.
Ron wanted to include in the agenda
seating of LSB listener candidates Lucille Perez and Tim Willard who are eligible based on their participation in the
2019 LSB election for listener delegates. He wanted it to take place at the beginning of the meeting to affirm the
rights of those candidates to fully participate in the deliberations of the LSB scheduled for that meeting. A vote was
8 Favored 7 Against
The WPFW-LSB voted and approved that the following WPFW-LSB candidates be placed on the
Lucille Perez, Tim Willard
IV. Approval of the Minutes
The November
13, 2019 minutes were approved. The December minutes were not approved.
V. Management Reports
The General Manager,
Jerry Paris stated the following:
Pledge Drive
During the December pledge drive $150,000 was raised in 6
Expenses Paid
All immediate expenses are paid. The station can make 2 Central Services payments. There is a
new IED Lydia Brazen.
The Transmitter is working okay; however, we are still on low power
from 9am to 6pm. At this time there is work going on at the American University tower. We should have full power by
February 1st.
Bylaw Amendments
We need to vote on the Bylaw Amendments.
Sabooh asked how much was
received from the Nora Hendricks fundraiser. GM stated they raised $5,000.
Martha asked whether the Howard theater
fundraiser has a firm date. GM replied that there isn’t a firm date.
Thomas asked what pledges were actually
fulfilled. What worked well this time during the pledge drive? GM reminders will be sent out and calls will be made to
ensure fulfilment of non- credit card payments. Most pledges were on a credit cards. We had great programming that
helped our fundraising.
VI. Finance
A written report was submitted
Station Cash Flow Update:
The Bank
Balances were $108,000 as of December 31, 2019. The End of Year Drive exceeded its goal by approximately $50,000. This
was outstanding work by the Staff and volunteers. Funds continue to be received from this Drive. Off-air fundraisers are
planned through the end of February 2020.
Budget Revenue and Expense Updates:
There are (5-8) Central Services
payments that are past due including approximately $20,000 in National Election costs that are not included in the
FY2020 budget. The Station has not been asked to make payments for the National Election to date. Loan interest payments
of $3,150 per month are included in the Budget starting in December 19, 2019.
VII. PNB Report
The PNB Election
was held. These are the results:
PNB Listener WPFW-LSB delegates
Eileen Rosin
Nancy Sorden
PNB Staff WPFW-LSB delegates
Ron Pinchback
Nancy Sorden stated:
There is a
new IED her name is Lydia Brazon. She stated that WBAI is back on the air. The 2018 audit will be completed this
Bylaw amendments were submitted to the PNB for LSB vote. The bylaw amendments are at Pacifica.org.
The WPFW delegate assembly is comprised of
the 23 members present and 1 excused absence as listed above. The regular meeting was called to order at 6:40pm with 23
members present and 1 excused absence as listed above. The regular meeting recessed at 7:10pm for the WPFW assembly of
delegates and reconvened at 7:30pm. At that time, the proposed Bylaw Amendments were discussed and not approved as
Proposed Bylaw Amendments - All members present (23) voted no on the proposed bylaw amendments.
regular meeting reconvened at 7:30pm.
IX. Community Comment
Verna Avery Brown
She is excited about the new
board. The LSB has the opportunity to make the station what it was intended to be. We have a mission to uplift and make
a difference.
Joe Brown
He wants to work on the fundraiser sponsor’s list that he and Lou submitted.
Code Pink’s show is great. How much a month do we get from sustainers? The IPD needs to meet with the LSB.

John Anthony
Our listeners are our prime source to raise funds. The station needs a fun drive to lift spirits. He
wants the unity walk people to come into the station.
The station staff decided to begin the end of the
year drive on December 26 because they felt they wouldn’t compete with other station drives. Most of the donations
were made on a credit cards. We need a development director.
Tony Norman
Happy New Year!
An Executive Session was requested regarding personnel matters.
XI. Outreach and Development
written report was submitted that stated the following decisions were made by the O&D:
• LSB and Management should
provide a summary of the event expenses and profit at an LSB meeting.
• Create a fundraising calendar.
should sell tickets.
• Update the online ticket website so ticket purchasers don’t have problems using it.
the report, several suggestions were made for future fundraisers: a cruise on Odyssey, a Town Hall meeting and sell CDs,
etc., Amazon smile.
During the meeting, Gloria stated that three events are planned: the U street Jam will occur in
April and the Blues Festival in August and the 5k walk in September.
The following Motion was made: A Calendar of
fundraising events will be posted online.
Vote: Unanimous
XII. Programming Committee
The programming committee
discussed the structure and participants on the Friday, January 31, 2020 WPFW-LSB show. The program discussion was
outlined and approved. Additionally, the programming committee wants news programming on the weekend.
Lou introduced a fund-raising proposal for WPFW’s community support with a model of three to six promos
each hour of the day and evening of their funders.
XIV. Adjourned the Regular Meeting at 9:38pm
Convened the
Executive Session 9:41pm
Sabooh Hikim, Chair adjourned the meeting at 9:47 pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams