WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
November 13, 2019
1990 K St NW
Suite 14R
Washington, DC
Sabooh Hakim –
Ellen Williams Carter - Secretary
I. Call to order
Sabooh Hakim, chair called the meeting to order at
6:35 pm. Quorum was established at 6:40pm.
II. Roll call
12- Members that were present at roll call: Ellen
Williams Carter, Eileen Rosin, Julie Hewitt,
Nancy Sorden, Craig Williams, Benito Diaz, Martha Peterson,
Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington,
Ron Pinchback, Nick Arena, Tony Leon, Louis Wolf, Sabooh Hakim, Robert Simms
Excused Absences: Cliff Smith
1-Unexcused: Wayne Tilly
There were no resignations: Newly Elected WPFW-LSB member
Sais Kamaladiin
The IPD Katea Stitt was absent. A report was not submitted.
Timekeeper: Robert Simms
at Arms: Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington
III. Agenda
The Agenda was approved
IV. Approval of the Minutes
October 9, 2019 minutes were not approved without correction by Tony Leon.
V. Management Reports
The General
Manager, Jerry Paris stated the following:
Fall Pledge Drive

We raised $ 275, 000 so far which is about 80% of
the goal; however, more money is still
coming into the station. The goal is $350,000. During the early morning and
late night programs
a rollover service is taking the pledge calls.
Expenses Paid
Accounts payable are in good
standing with venders. Tomorrow one National payment will be
The impeachment hearings were
covered by WPFW and WBAI for one day and maybe Friday.
Yesterday there was a live broadcast from the Italian Embassy.
On Tuesday a broadcast was
aired from at Ben’s Chili Bone. A live broadcast was aired from The
Washington D.C and a special program was aired honoring Stevie Wonder.
Fundraising and
A volunteer grant team is still forming.
All tower work has been
The Info@WPFW.org will be provided.
Interim Programmer Report
A report was not
Did Katea send a report? Response: She didn’t send a report.
Can the LSB get a report
from Sataria on Pledge Drive? Craig said he would send the report that
the programmers received.
Is the WBAI back
on the air doing a pledge drive? That information is not available.
Can we get a copy of the Arbitron report? - Robb
will send the report by email.
VI. Finance
Nick Arena, treasure stated the following:
Station Cash Flow
Bank Balances were $128000 as of October 31. The Fall Pledge Drive reached $275000 on a
goal of $350000.
Funds continue to be received from this Drive. However, $210000 to $260000
is needed to fund the Station’s expenses
thru the end of January, 2020. A December year-end
request/mini-drive is needed. In addition, GM and Staff are
meeting with major donors. A

volunteer Grant team is still forming. LSB members should consider Grant writer and
major donor referrals to the Station.

Budget Revenue and Expense Updates
A FY2020 budget is
presented for approval. Note - past due Central Services payments (7-8)
and other past due payments including $20K in
National Election costs that are not included in
the FY2020 budget. The Station has not been asked to make payments
for the National Election
to date. Additional Off-air fundraising activities/events are desperately needed thru Jan.
The Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Vote:
The Budget was approved. There was 1 abstention.
VII. Community
Tom O’Rourke
He asked about receiving the Info @WPFW.org information. The GM said he would check
Info @WPFW.org again. He wanted an explanation about why the AfroPop Worldwide George
Collinet show was
preempted and a broadcast was aired from the Italian Embassy.
Thomas Blanton-
He is interested to join the
Kathleen Malloy
She is interested in getting on the board.
Tony Norman
He is concerned that the LSB
show is still not being aired.
John Anthony
He heard that the fund drive system is broken. He feels we need to
make it a 330 day fund drive.
Vanessa Dixon
She introduced herself as a new elected LSB board member.
He thank the GM for airing the impeachment hearings. He asked why Moe and GM helped to
shut down
Dennis Williams
He introduced himself as a new elected LSB board member.
Arthur McCloud

introduced himself as a new elected LSB board member.
Dianna Grimes
She introduced herself as a new elected LSB
board member.
VIII. PNB Report
Nancy Sorden
She said no date has been set for finalization of the
Eileen Rosin
The amended bylaws have not been voted on yet by the PNB.
Ron Pinchback
Ron alleged that
stations owe CPB $135,000. This must be paid before we receive funding.
IX. MASC Committee
They are still
reviewing applications and interviewing.
Motion regarding MASC committee evaluating the IPD and GM
tasks the MASC committee to evaluate the General Manager and Interim
Program Director by the end of
Vote: Unanimous
X. Outreach and Development
The U street jam is scheduled to take place the 2nd
Saturday in April. Jerry (GM) is talking with
Howard Theater about using that venue for the fundraiser. A Town Hall
meeting will be planned
for 2020.
XI. Programming Committee
Craig suggested that info@wpfw.org be put on the
webpage. The committee members are
concerned that the IPD isn’t at the meeting. Craig suggested that we need to get
a mediator.
A Motion was presented to accept the Resolution Regarding Programming
The Resolution Regarding
Programming will be approved as set out in the resolution.
The Vote was taken to approve The Resolution Regarding
10 Approved the Resolution
2 opposed the Resolution
A Motion was made to reinstate the WPFW – LSB

The WPFW – LSB show will be reinstated and first aired on November 29 the last Friday
between 11- 12pm.
The GM approved the motion and vote.
Vote: unanimous
XII. New Business
XIII. Sabooh Hikim, Chair adjourned the
meeting at 8:45 pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter