WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
September 11, 2019
1990 K St NW
Suite 14R
Sabooh Hakim – Chair
Ellen Williams Carter - Secretary
I. Call to order
Tony Leon vice chair called
the meeting to order at 6:44 pm. Quorum was established at 6:47pm.
II. Roll call
11 - Members that were present at
roll call: Ellen Williams Carter, Robert Simms, Eileen Rosin, Julie Hewitt, Nancy Sorden, Cliff Smith, Craig Williams,
Benito Diaz, Martha Peterson, Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ron Pinchback, Nick Arena, and Tony Leon
Absences: Louis Wolf, Sabooh Hakim
1-Unexcused: Wayne Tilly
There was no resignation
The IPD Katea Stitt was
Timekeeper: Robb Simms
Sergeant at Arms: Tony Leon
III. Agenda
The Agenda was approved.
Approval of the Minutes
The August 14, 2019 was not approved without corrections.
V. Management Reports
General Manager, Jerry Paris stated the following:
Summer Pledge Drive and Expenses Paid
We achieved the goal for
the summer pledge drive. We raised $130, 000. The next pledge drive will take place October 6 through the 26th. All
operating costs were paid, the rent and the antenna tower costs.
Arbitron and TAPSCAN
Arbitron reports were sent
to WPFW-LSB members. The IED wants $2,000 a quarter from each station for TAPSCAN (The most widely used Web-based sales
proposal and analysis software system for radio. It is used by over 19,000 radio sales professionals and facilitates
half a million proposals to radio buyers per year.)
WPFW will cover the Political Party Conventions.
WPFW will do special broadcasting for the Climate Change demonstrations. WPFW participated and aired the Upshur Park,
“Don’t Smoke the Brothers Barbeque on September 6th year.
Fundraising and Grants
The Blues Festival was a
success they raised just under $3,000. The Sweet Honey and the Rock concert raised $2,000. The 5K Run/Walk will take
place on September 14. Tony Leon said that the grant task force met.
Progress is being made with
completing the HD antenna. Moe is working at WPFW fulltime. Some additional work must be done on the antenna before the
weather changes; consequently, the antenna power may be reduced by 10%. They are trying to reduce it only during the
hours of 9am to 6pm.
The Info@WPFW.org data was distributed.
VI. Finance
Nick Arena, treasure
stated the following:
Station Cash Flow Update
The Bank Balances were $50,000 as of August 31. The Station is in
an immediate CASH FLOW CRISIS. There was not sufficient funds to meet the full payroll expenses in September. The
deficits for payroll are owed to Pacifica. The office rent has been paid. Other vendor payments have been delayed as
well. The Station staff is speaking with vendors to let them know the situation. The August Pledge Drive reached its
goal of $150,000. The General Manager and Staff are meeting with major donors. A volunteer Grant team is forming. LSB
members should consider Grant writer and potential major donor referrals to the GM.
Budget Revenue and Expenses
Fiscal Year 2019 thru March has been provided by the CFO. It is unclear as to how we compare to the Budget. A
rough Cash basis comparison to budget thru August was provided. Taking into account the payroll funds owned to
Pacifica, past due Central Services payments (6-7) and past due health insurance payments ($9,000) that have not been
paid as well as $30,000 in National Election costs that are in the budget; the budget deficit is probably over $90,000.
The Station has not been asked to make payments for the National Election to date. Additional Off-air fundraising
activities/events are desperately needed in September.
VII. Community Comment
He thanked Moe and
Jerry for their work on the antenna. He said he emailed Katea (IPD) requesting an additional hour but it was ignored. He
introduced a colleague, Manuel, who will address the democratic candidates. He stated that the program will be broadcast
on television.
Arthur McCloud
Thanked Moe and Jerry for their work on the antenna. He requested information about
the confessor’s new programming.
He was concerned that the IPD does not attend WPFW-LSB meetings. He
said when he worked at WPFW he had to come to meetings.
Tony Norman
It is unacceptable that the Interim Program
Director does not attend meetings. He stated that Jerry (GM) can require that she come to meetings.
On July 25, he called Katea (IPD) about the Unity Walk in August. He stated that he didn’t receive a
Amina Muhamad
Chair of the CAB is concerned that there was no announcement that came from the CAB. She
has never seen IPD attend a meeting. The CAB is required to get to get funds from the CPB. In addition, she stated that
they should have an input in the Interim Program Director’s decisions. She also stated that pictures of all the
programmers are needed for the Web Page. The CAB are looking for new members. She said she has called the station and no
one answers.
VIII. PNB Report
Nancy Sorden
She stated that the 2018 audit is almost
We are at 1/3 quorum of the election response for WPFW. The election report is on the website at
National Office Loan Payments
Interest payments are due in December. The National Office is
proposing that stations try a fundraiser to raise 1 million dollars.
The PNB instructed station PNB
members to put a hold on reviewing revenue through underwriting because we need legal protection and accountability of
cash flow.
National Program committee
The Program committee sent an initiative to the PNB members about special
IX. Program Committee
No meeting and report.
X. MASC Committee
They are reviewing
XI. Outreach and Development
The 5K Run/Walk will take place on September 14, 2019 at Wheaton
Reginald Park. WPFW-LSB members who are volunteering need to be there by 6:30am. They need to leave the park by 12:00pm.
They received donations of food and $725. Expenses so far are $355 for rent, $250 medals, Timer person for the race
$250. The total expenses are $1200.
XII. New Business
No new business
XIII. Adjourned the regular meeting at
Reconvened at 9:18pm
Executive session began at 9:19pm
Purpose of the executive
session: personnel matters
Tony Leon, Vice Chair adjourned the meeting at 9:44 pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen
Williams Carter