Draft Agenda, PNB Coordinating Committee, June 14, 2019, 8:30pm ET

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call,
Establish Quorum

3. Elect committee chair and secretary

4. Motion on "Informed Action" (see below) from
Maxie, that was referred to this committee by the PNB

5. How to help the PNB and our committees function

6. Planning for an in-person PNB retreat and/or meeting (and figuring out how to pay for it)?

7. Set
Next meeting Date(s)

8. Review Action Itsms

9. Adjourn

- - -

Motion: Informed Action, by

Whereas the Pacifica Foundation is part of a larger public media ecosystem and therein a member of
Greater Public and Public Radio Program Directors, with access to resources, tools, and best-practices to inform current
and future approaches to radio station operations;

Whereas Pacifica Foundation Boards and Committees are
comprised of non-media professionals and/or individuals without expertise relevant to the boards and/or committees in
which they serve, in addition to those with direct expertise and experience;

And, whereas anecdote, tradition
and belief are lesser than research-based and data-driven expertise and experience;

Therefore, be it resolved
that the Pacifica Foundation will require all Pacifica National Board Committees to allocate at least 30-minutes of
meeting time quarterly for edification. The Chairs of the Pacifica National Board and Committees will coordinate
inviting and scheduling experts in the non-commercial media field with the Executive Director. Additionally, the PNB and
Committees will be required to articulate takeaways from these information sessions and what can be useful for Pacifica
stations moving forward during regularly scheduled Pacifica National Board meetings.