WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
June 12, 2019
1990 K. Street NW
Washington, D.C.
Sabooh Hakim
– Chair
Ellen Williams Carter - Secretary
I. Call to order
Sabooh Hakim chair called the meeting to order
at 6:35 pm. Quorum was established at 6:40pm.
II. Roll call
15 - Members were present at roll call:
Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ellen Williams Carter, Robert Simms, Eileen Rosin, Julie Hewitt, Louis Wolf, Nancy Sorden,
Ron Pinchback, Cliff Smith, Sabooh Hakim, Tony Leon, Craig Williams, Vicki McGill, Lona Alias, Gloria Turner, Wayne
4 - Excused Absences: Jim Brown, Nick Arena, Benito Diaz, Martha Peterson,
There was no
The IPD Katea Stitt was absent.
Timekeeper: Robb Simms
Sergeant at Arms: John
III. The Agenda was approved with a motion to extend the executive session. In addition, Community comment was
extended by 15 minutes.
IV. Approval of the Minutes
The May 8, 2019 were not approved. Tony Leon wanted changes
V. Management Reports
The General Manager, Jerry Paris stated the following:
WPFW’s is up for license
renewal. The license expiration date is October 1, 2019. All the reports have been completed for the renewal. The Moe
will share a power point of the work done on the transmitter. All payments were made to American University for the
transmitter. The streaming and app is working. He stated that WPFW is in financial trouble. During the pledge drive,
$250,000 was raised instead of $350,000. The next pledge drive will occur in August. NETA is our new accounting firm.
They are completing the audits. They are giving hard data to help us make good decisions. Presently, we don’t have
enough capital to make it to August. He wants to hire a development contractor and a marketing consultant. In addition,
he wants to do a media blitz. We are now using Arbitron. During the Palestine programming, we lost money; however, it
gave WPFW a Global presence. A remote is planned to air the “Poor Peoples Campaign”. There is a Prince George’s
County and a Virginia project in place. Bud is helping with liquidating donated equipment.
VI. Finance Report
Treasurer, Nick Arena distributed a financial report:
The bank balances were $77,000 as of May 31. Spring Pledge
Drive achieved $250,000 vs. $350,000goal. The General Manager states that the Station is ‘in trouble’ to pay its
bills as a result. GM is meeting with major donors with current pledges of $27,500. A Development Director and other
initiatives are starting to raise funds. Grant writers are needed. LSB members should consider grant writers and
potential major donor referrals to the General Manager.
Through May 31, the Station is ahead of budget by over
$105,000. Taking into account the past due Central Services payments (5-6) and past due health insurance payments
($9,000) that have not been paid as well as $30,000 in National Election costs that are in the budget, the budget
deficit is over $20,000. The Station has not been asked to make payments for the National Election to date. In
addition, over $40,000 in transmitter expenses have been paid from funds raised in FY2018. Additional Off-air
fundraising activities/events are needed in June-July.
VII. Community Comment
James Earley- Congratulated Katea
for the work she does. He wants her treated fairly and with justice.
Askia Muhamand- He knows the cruelty of being
Interim Program Director. Katea is a warrior who is doing a great job.
Stewart Anderson- Katea opened the air ways to
“East of the River” issues.
Donald Temple- For 25 years there was a station at WDCU. A house divided can’t
succeed. We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves. We need to address fiscal issues.
Rev. Hagler- He said Katea
produced a live broadcast from the “Poor Peoples Campaign”. Katea was able to forge relations with many different
groups. WPFW can’t afford to go backwards.
Nickie Tiefa- We need justice for Katea.
Vanessa Dixon- She thanked
the board for their commitment. She said the MASC Process is supposed to make things fair. They rank the candidates. The
list didn’t get sent to the GM but was sent to Maxie Jackson.
Elise Bryant- She said in all her union work she
has not defended a manager but she will this time. She said that she can’t imagine how anyone could find Katea
Joe Brown- We need support of the community. WPFW needs a new home.
Bay- Stated that Katea works
hard. No one is more qualified than Katea.
Zia –Katea has added more contemporary shows.
Suzy Sellter- She sited
bylaws regarding hiring and firing. She sited that the MASC in 2015 failed to act in hiring a permanent Program
Director. She said Katea is more than qualified to hold the position. She said the ED is in violation of the Bylaws and
the board has breached their fiduciary duty.
KaBa He worked for commercial stations. He said that Katea is Jazz and
Justice. He said that WPFW has a progressive job. He said how could you allow a black woman to be treated in such a vile
way? Davey Yaraborugh- He said that he is speaking in support of Katea Stitt. She goes to private and public programs.
She is in the Community. He can only see brightness with her.
Robin Holden- She stated that she had 3
1. ED what is your intention?
2. Is it to be a IPD?
3. Is the GM in favor of having the Katea
4. John Anthony- He wants the LSB to consider his email proposal concerning fundraising.
Neftra- She
stated that Katea has represented and showed her commitment. She said that Katea is a cultural guru.
Motion: The
board was asked to extend Community Comment by 15 minutes. The motion was approved.
Susan Goodwin- She said this is
Jazz and Justice. Who does it best but Katea? Katea stepped up to be there. She demands the highest standard.
from Howard University - Katea Stitt holds this station up. She ties everything together.
Faye Williams - She
support Katea.
Craig Hall- He said that Katea has demonstrated commitment to the station.
Kemone Freeman - He
supports Katea as Program Director.
Teacher’s Union spoke- She said that Katea understood the issues regarding D.C.
public schools and invited her to come on the air.
Jaraw Hunter- He spoke in support of Katea.
Verna Brown- She
spoke in support of Katea.
Miyuki Williams- She said that Loren Cress love wanted to come and support Katea. She
stated a woman’s group heard the special day of programming and provided funding for the transmitter. She said that
the staff needs support. They need a development Director.
Joni Eisenberg- She spoke in support of Katea.
PNB Report
The PNB wants to relocate the national office. They are seeking approval to acquire part time office help.

Eileen Rosin stated that the 2017 audit draft will be reviewed next week. Accounts are being thoroughly checked.

The CAB met on May the 28, 2019
IX. Program Committee
Donna Grimes – Asked what does collaboration mean?
This was asked in regards to the collaboration between the Programming Committee and Management. Ron asked was the
resolution approved. Donna said it wasn’t approved. He said as a body we need a discussion about each part of the
Resolution before we vote on it.
Motion: We need a meeting dedicated to programing issues. The motion was
X. MASC Committee
A meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, June 19, 2019.
XI. Outreach and
The 5KWalk/Run will take place in September 14 or 21, 2019. The Blues Festival is scheduled for August
10, 2019.
XII. New Business
Wayne Tilly is a new Staff WPFW-LSB member.
Pacifica National election for LSB’s
(WPFW-LSB Election) 2019
Report by John Tatum
June 1 to 30, 2019 Nomination Phase
July 10, 2019
Certification of Candidates
August 15, 2019 Ballot Phase
November 1, 2019 Report of Results of the
The winners of the election will be seated on the LSB for 3 years.
There are presently 4 listener
vacancies and 1 staff vacancy.
For more information go to: elections.pacifica.org
XIII. Adjourned Regular Meeting
at 9:20pm
XIV. Convened the Executive Session at 9: 25pm
Sabooh Hakim, Chair adjourned the meeting at
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter