Draft Agenda KPFA LSB Meeting Saturday, August 17, 2019, 11 am - 3: 00 pm
South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis
Street, Berkeley, CA 94703.
Call to Order
Roll Call,
Review group meeting and email list agreements

Audio recording of LSB meetings are available at KPFTX.org. No video recording permitted at LSB meetings.

Communicate with each other respectfully and speak using
comfortable volumes,
Focus on facts, issues and proposals, (no name calling or personal insults),
Use attribution
of sources and documentation when making statements or assumptions about other people or groups,
Listen to each
other with care
Honor the agenda and timeline, including staying on topic without repetition, following group
procedures and respecting the Chair, Facilitators, Time-keepers and people taking stack.
Raise hands to be recognized
by the chair, honor individual time allocations per share and finish up when agreed upon time is over. Each person’s
time may be used for comments or questions with answers included in the time.
Honor Board Confidentiality. KPFA Local
Station Board members are required to keep all job performance information related to KPFA management, paid and unpaid
staff and volunteers confidential to be shared only within closed session LSB meetings.
If a situation arises when an
LSB member is not willing to honor the above agreements after the agreements are brought to their attention, that person
may be asked to leave the meeting

3. Approve agenda
4. General Manager’s Report
Treasurer’s report
6. Public Comments
6. Approve minutes
LSB meeting June .
7. Election Update
8. Pacifica Reports:

Town Hall 12:30 pm :
Welcome and reading
agreements, introduction to topics for break out groups and the process
table, community literature table and
KPFA Outreach table
Each Group will include a facilitator, timed sharing and note taking.
Each group may
present a 5 minute summary.
Participants may also provide written feedback to the board.
Each person may have a
designated time for a closing short sentence. LSB members go last.
Adjourn, clean up
and vacate the space by 3 pm