KPFK Governance Committee
DRAFT AGENDA meeting of 15 May 2019

1. Roll call, including all new members who
signed up in last LSB meeting:
Ken Aaron, Grace Aaron, Bela De Soto, Michael Novick, Fred Blair, Paul
Roberson (vice chair.)
2. Approve agenda and set time for end of meeting and agenda items.
3. Elect Chair, Vice
Chair and Secretary of Governance Committee.
4. Set date, time, place of next meeting (depends on when the next LSB
meeting is held)
5. Approve minutes or notes from last meeting, if any.
6. Set Agenda for next LSB meeting:

a. Review agenda from last LSB meeting,
b. adding any newly submitted motions,
c. create agenda for
next LSB meeting,
d. including review and voting on the proposed bylaws changes.
7. Discuss scope of
responsibilities of the Committee and implementation of
the Pacifica Employee Handbook.

8. Adjourn

Note: The committee will meet either in the conference room on the 1st floor or the large table on
the 2nd floor, depending on attendance and availability of space. As convener, Ken Aaron will chair the meeting until
the officers are elected, permanent or pro tem.