Minutes KPFA LSB Meeting with Delegate Assembly
Saturday, May 4, 2019 11 am - 3: 00 pm
South Berkeley Senior
Center, 2939 Ellis Street Berkeley, CA 94703.
Called to Order and Roll Call,
Present, Sharon Adams, Marilla
Arguelles, Daniel Borgstrom, William Campisi, Chris Cory, Brian Crowell, Susan da Silva, Don Goldmacher, Christina
Huggins, Lily Kimura, James Mcfadden, Aki Tanaka, Andrea Turner, Tom Voorhees, Carol Wolfley, Darlene Pagano, Sabrina
Jacobs, Frank Sterling, Richard Wolinsky, Steve Zeltzer, Noni Session
Electronic Access:, Shirah Dedman, Tom
Excused: Tim Lynch, Ahmad Anderson,
2. Read group and email agreements
3. Approved agenda as
4. General Managers and KPFA Staff Reports
5. Public Comments
6. Announcements

7. Approved minutes from the March 30, 2019, LSB meeting.
8. Reports from
PNB Directors.
9. Nominations and Election of KPFA LSB members to Pacifica National Board Committees. Those
elected were:
AUDIT   James Mcfadden and Darlene Pagano
ELECTIONS Susan Da Silva and Aki Tanaka          
PROGRAMMING   Shirah Dedman and Carol Wolfley               
GOVERNANCE Noni Session and Aki
ARCHIVES Christina Huggins and Susan Da Silva and
Andrea Turner for Archives
TECHNOLOGY: Steve Zeltzer
10. Community Advisory Board =, LSB Motion to appoint Maria
Judice, Rych Withers and Carole Travis to the KPFA Community Advisory Board, Passed Y 10, A 1
11. Old Business:
Bylaws Amendments: Moved: The KPFA LSB approves Pacifica Bylaws Amendment Motion for: Proposed Bylaw Amendment
4-4-19 Open session PNB, Article 5 and 8,
Proposed Bylaw Amendment #1 Article 3.4
Proposed Bylaw Amendment #2
Article 4.1
12. New Business: Fund Raising Proposal: Darlene Pagano TABLED
13. New Business: Outreach target
organizations TABLED
14. New Business: Email group auto response and filters TABLED
15. New Business Board
Orientation, Election Forum, Budget workshops and Town Hall

16. Adjourned