Minutes of Local Station Board Meeting of WBAI Radio at 160 Schermerhorn St..
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Attending 21 members at 7:20 pm. New and old members introduce themselves.
Roll Call of the 2019 LSB
Members in attendance –
Dacio Quintana
Hazel Pinder
Vajra Kilgour, Staff
Basir Mchawi
Randy Credico
Marilyn Vogt-Downey
Eugene Hamond
Mitchel Cohen
Jack DePalma, Secretary
Maxine H. Galmon, on telephone from Texas to Alex on PC
Jim Dingeman, past Chair
R. Paul Martin,
Staff, Treasurer
Michael D.D. White, Vice Chair
Carolyn MacIntyre, Chair
Max Schmid, Staff
Kathryn Davis,
James Sagurton
Ralph Poynter
Shawn Rhodes, Staff
King Downing arrives at 7:40 pm
7:25 pm: Call to
Order by Jim Dingeman / draft agenda offered
Jack DePalma appointed time keeper.
Motion to adopt agenda and set
adjournment time 9:45 PM

Agenda Amendments:
Motion #1 to move approval of past meeting minutes after
treasurer’s report as #16, adopted and labeled 16a
Motion #2 needed membership information outreach added to agenda
as #17d adopted and named as The LSB member service and communication outreach
Amended agenda adopted with no
objections at 7:35 PM, 20 minutes of public comments while voting and tallying of votes recorded below
for officers of LSB: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
• LSB Chair: C. McIntyre 13 / K. Downing 8
Vice Chair: M. White 11 / K. Downing 9 // 1 abstain and 1 C. McIntyre
• LSB Secretary: J. DePalma 12 / K. Downing 9
// 1 blank
• LSB Treasurer: R. Paul Martin 13 / W. Herrwagon 9 tallied and decided by 8:30 PM
Telephone and
internet voting protocol addressed with secret voting according to FCC and CPB rules. Remote voting requires secrecy
rights be waived by voting LSB member as tellers verify identity and reason for absence, on speaker listen in and record
vote choices.
The LSB meeting recessed and reconvened as the Delegates Assembly.
Single Transfer Voting (STV)
counting explained.
Three Listener Directors Elected: Ralph Poynter +6, James Sagurton +6, Alex Steinberg +6
Staff Representative Directors Elected: Shawn Rhodes +14 , V. Kilgour +8
LSB meeting reconvenes when Delegates
Assembly is adjourned.
Shawn Rhodes announces the LSB Radio Show Committee
Excused absence -
Ad Hoc Management
Evaluation Committee election voting begins before 10 PM.
Meeting concludes with tellers (E. Moser and G. Goodwin)
collecting ad hoc MEC ballot choices while observed by others. Tellers and observers record the ballot choices from the
ballots and the envelope holding all the ballots is sealed at approximately 10:15 PM in the lobby as required. This was
witnessed by E. Moser and C. McIntyre. The vote tally spread sheet was shared with T. Goodman at Pacifica in California
for STV enumeration and evaluation of results.

The results shared and posted by Jim Dingemen in this
order for the 2019 WBAI LSB Management Evaluation Committee are:
Marilyn Vogt-Downey
Erroll Maitland

Michael D.D. White
Basir Mchawi
Mitchel Cohen

The order of the next not elected candidates -
James Sagurton
Randy Credico

Meeting Officially
Adjourned at 10:20 PM

REPORT offered by the General Manager at 9:50 PM
Berthold Riemers offered a current
financial report at the end of the evening while the ad hoc MEC voting and tallying occurred. His report includes these
major points:

WBAI owes $440,000 to Pacifica for pension funding, for PN central office services and Pacifica
Archives fees.
WBAI owes $48,000 in accrued debt for electricity used at 4 Times
Square Tower; that will paid in monthly installments of $1000 payments additional until retired.

When the 2017 audit is completed, the $2.3 million dollar
ESRT debt will be removed from WBAI‘s account and then added to the Pacifica National account.

Submitted by:
Jack DePalma