1. Convene meeting 7:00 PM (ET).
2. Adoption of Agenda (20 minutes maximum)
3. Selection of time keeper (2
4. Minute of silence for the late LSB member Andrea Fishman. (1 minute)
5. Introduction of LSB members.
(25 minutes maximum)
6. Election of LSB Officers:
a. Chair (10 minutes)
b. Vice-Chair (10 minutes
c. Secretary(10 minutes maximum)
d. Treasurer (10 minutes maximum)
7. Public Comment (30 minutes- 2
minutes maximum per person)
8. Recess to Delegates Assembly
9. Convene Delegates Assembly to be chaired by the LSB
10. Election of Directors
a. Elect one Staff Director (10 minutes maximum)
b. Elect three listener
Directors (15 minutes maximum)
11. Reconvene LSB meeting
12. Election of Ad-Hoc Management Evaluation Committee
members (20 minutes maximum)
13. Announcements by Shawn Rhodes regarding the LSB show committee (2 minutes
14. General Manager's Report (15 minutes)
a. Approve outstanding minutes (10 minutes maximum)
Treasurer's Report (15 minutes maximum)
16. a. Motion for Outreach Focus Group
b. Motion for Fund Raising Focus
c. Motion for Programming Committee
d. LSB member service and communication outreach
17. Excused
absences (5 minutes maximum)
18. New Business
Adjourn 9:45 PM (ET)