Minutes KPFA LSB Meeting with Delegate Assembly
Saturday March 30, 2019 11 am - 3: 30 pm
South Berkeley Senior
Canter, 2939 Ellis Street Berkeley, CA 94703.
Called to Order
Roll Call: Present, Marilla Arguelles,, Sharon
Adams,, William Campisi, Ahmad Anderson, Richard Wolinsky, Anthony Fest, Aki Tanaka, Carol Wolfley, Christina Huggins,
Sabrina Jacobs, Chris Cory, Tom Voorhees, Andrea Turner, Tim Lynch, Brian Crowell Excused absences: Lisa Dettmer,,T.M.
Scruggs, G.M. Quincy McCoy Remote access Ramses Teon Nichols, Steve Zeltzer, Absent:
Agenda Approved as amended with
CAB report and PNB reports before group agreements
Public Comments
5. CAB report

6. Approved minutes January 2019 LSB meeting
7. Thanks to the 2018 LSB and those leaving the
board, comments and adjourn 2018 LSB
8. Seating of new board members, Roll Call: Present, Sharon Adams, Ahmad
Marilla Arguelles, Daniel Borgstrom, William Campisi, Chris Cory, Brian Crowell, Susan da Silva, Shirah
Don Goldmacher, Christina Huggins, Lily Kimura, James McFadden, Aki Tanaka, Andrea Turner,
Tom Voorhees,
Carol Wolfley, Darlene Pagano, Sabrina Jacobs, Tim Lynch, Frank Sterling, Richard Wolinsky
Electronic Access: Steve
Zeltzer, Noni Session, Excused Absence: Quincy McCoy
and one minute introduction from each member.
9. Approved
10. Nominations and Election of LSB Chair, Christina Huggins Vice-Chair, Susan da Silva, Secretary Carol
Wolfley and Treasurer Sharon Adams. James Mcfadden was nominated as treasurer and Susan da Silva was nominated as chair
and they were not elected. Some candidates made a 1 minute presentation
11. Presentations from PNB Directors.

12. Review and Motion to approve group meeting and email list agreements Passed Unamimously
Audio recording of
LSB meetings are available at KPFTX.org. No video recording permitted at LSB meetings.

Communicate with each other respectfully and speak using comfortable volumes,
Focus on
facts, issues and proposals, (no name calling or personal insults),
Use attribution of sources and documentation
when making statements or assumptions about other people or groups},
Listen to each other with care
Honor the
agenda and timeline, including staying on topic without repetition, following group procedures and respecting the chair,
facilitators, time keepers and people taking stack.
Raise hands to be recognized by the chair, honor individual time
allocations per share and finish up when agreed upon time is over. Each person’s time may be used for comments or
questions with answers included in the time.
Honor board confidentiality. KPFA Local Station Board members are
required to keep all job performance information related to KPFA management, paid and unpaid staff and volunteers
confidential to be shared only within closed session LSB meetings.
If a situation arises when an LSB member is not
willing to honor the above agreements after the agreements are brought to their attention, that person may be asked to
leave the meeting
13. Amended Motion otion to approve LSB meeting schedule with possibilities for additional task
force and group work in between meetings. May 4, June 15, August 17, October 19, December 14.
Passed Unamimously

14. Closed LSB meeting and opened: Delegate Assembly 2:30
15. Election of PNB Directors.
Candidates made short presentations.
PNB Listener Directors Elected: Chris Cory, Don Goldmacher, Tom Voorhees
Staff Director Elected: Sabrina Jacobs.
16. Announcements: KPFA recognition at April 2 Berkeley City Council meeting
and celebration of 70th birthday celebration April 11
17. Adjourned, cleaned up and vacated the space