WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
March 13, 2019
Shepherd Park (Juanita E. Thornton) Neighborhood
7420 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20012
Chair Robert Simms
Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
Call to order
Robert Simms chair called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm. Quorum was established at 6:50pm.
Roll call
17 - Members were present at roll call: Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ellen Williams Carter, Donald
Williams, Robert Simms, Eileen Rosin, Julie Hewitt, Martha Peterson, Gloria Turner, Louis Wolf, Nancy Sorden, Ron
Pinchback, Cliff Smith, Tony Leon, Vicki McGill, Campbell Johnson, Benito Diaz, Jim Brown
4 - Excused Absences: Lona
Alias, Nick Arena, Sabooh Hikim, Meredith Cordisco
3 - Unexcused: Jay Winter Nightwolf, Eric Ramey,
There was one
1 - Resigned: Christine Cotter in October
The GM Jerry Paris was present.
Katea Stitt was absent.
Timekeeper: Julie Hewitt
Sergeant at Arms: Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington
III. Approval
of Agenda
The Agenda was approved as amended.
IV. Approval of the Minutes
The February 13, 2018 WPFW LSB
regular meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
V. Management Reports
The fund drive was extended to reach
$300,000 goal. At the time it was extended $285,000 was raised. The concert at the Eaton Hotel raised $800. A
fundraiser is planned at Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club with Cassandra Wilson on Friday, March 29, 2019.
March 8, 2019 special programming is planned for “International Women’s Day”. The Pacifica National Board (PNB)
approved the WPFW budget. When phase 2 of the transmitter project takes place at the end of the month, we will go back
to the regular transmitter. We joined “Greater Public Consultant” for nonprofit Radio stations and a research
consultant. The cost for membership was $500. We will receive Arbitron ratings.
VI. Finance Report
The Treasurer,
Nick Arena’s report stated the following:
The winter Pledge Drive has achieved approximately 77% of goal
($270,000/$350,000). Additional off air fundraising is needed immediately. The General Manager is meeting with major
donors and several off-air events are planned.
As of February 28, the Station is behind budget by approximately
$178,000. This includes 4 to 5 Central Services payments that have not been paid as well as $30,000 in National
Election costs that are in the budget. The Station has not been asked to make payments for the National Election to
date. In addition, approximately $40,000 in transmitter expenses have been paid from funds raised in FY2018. Additional
Off-air fundraising activities/events are needed in April-May.
VII. Community Comment
Cerena Roberts from WBAI-

She was on the program with Benito and she thinks that Benita should not get reprimanded for the WPFW-LSB program
that he hosted.
Joe Brown reminded everyone about the Blume memorial. He is concerned about the firing of Gloria
William Heerwagen from WBAI-
He is against Benito being removed from the LSB for the WPFW-LSB program
that he hosted.
Tony Norman
He thinks that the LSB show should be maintained; however, political issues within
WPFW and Pacifica should not go on the air. Standards for disciplining programmers need to be established.
The LSB needs to talk with Jerry and Katea about standards for disciplining programmers. In addition, we
need a nightly news shows.
John Tatum-
The bylaw amendment regarding telephone communication for meetings violates
the original bylaws.
VIII. PNB Report
Nancy Sorden stated:
Disclaimer Carts/PSAs has not been addressed on the
last PNB meeting agenda.
Tony Leon stated and presented a written report:
The individuals FOR LSB telephonic
meeting participation argue that:
a. It would allow more participation from diverse communities that pick-up the
signal but are as far as 100 miles away.
b. Members who are hospitalized or away at work would
c. There’s little to no cost for purchasing special equipment to allow this.
The individuals AGAINST
a. Society has become increasingly divided by technology. Events that used to involve the natural human
characteristics of personal contact and relationship building have transformed us into impersonal, unfocused and
faceless objects.
b. Members who, not wanting to attend meetings in person for a variety of reasons, will abuse this
policy. We may see LSB meetings where only 50% or less attend in person. It doesn't seem fair to those who sacrifice and
prove their commitment to the LSB by attending in person.
c. In committee meetings where less than 10 people have
been present, cell phone participation was used and it was burdensome having to pass the phone closer to each person
speaking, then having to lean in to hear the cell phone attendee. Imagine this with 20+ participants and the community
in the room.
d. Presently there are delegates who reject having to show evidence of sickness and request that their
absence be excused. It would seem that a reasonable person requesting special treatment from the LSB, instead of
resigning their position after 3 absences, wouldn't disapprove of a request to provide evidence of hardship.

e. Other issues arising from telephone conferences include not knowing whether the member is engaged with the
meeting, nor being able to confirm whether non authorized persons are present during executive sessions.
f. With the
ability now to listen, donate and become a member of any of the 5 stations, from anywhere in the world, in person
attendance is a method to check against shenanigans, deception, trolling and the likes that goes on in the faceless
world of cyber space.
g. A bylaw amendment has been proposed (Art. 4, Sec.2, A) that would allow any listener member
in good standing to be nominated for the position of Listener Delegate by themselves or by another member in good
standing. This eliminates the 15-signature requirement. The same is proposed for any Staff member thus eliminating the
5-signature requirement.
When you connect the arguments FOR listed above with more bylaw amendment proposals such as
Art. 4, Sec.3, which would reduce Listener Delegates to 9 and Staff Delegates to 3 for a total of 12 Delegates per
station, it creates the possibility for factions located in any region to conspire to become members, nominate one of
themselves, vote him/her in and never having to show their faces to staff or members because they aren’t required to
attend any meetings in person.
When and if the time comes to vote on these issues I recommend that we consider how
these proposals will jeopardize board representation by and for the local community.
2. Bylaw amendment proposals –
Bylaw proposals can be found on Pacifica.org. See Art. 17 in the current bylaws on approving amendments and new
3. Elections update – The NES has reported, "The election has closed. Results will be certified and
released no later than March 20, as early as March 15. Bookmark elections.pacifica.org for all future updates." It
appears that the new delegates will be seated at the April LSB meeting. PNB officer nominations should occur 7 days
after election certification by the current LSB.
4. Presentation by Greater Public – The PNB heard a presentation
by Greater Public, an organization that provides support in the following areas:
One-on-one support: Greater
Public’s professional advisors can answer questions,
Provide advice, and share their expertise in a variety of
fundraising areas including
But not limited to:
On-air fundraising
Online giving
Direct mail and
Corporate support and online sponsorship
Marketing and on-air promotion
Major giving and planned
Audience research
Continuous education
Current trend tracking
Improving pitching
And more…
IX. Program Committee
Donna Grimes stated:
I need to
substitute the LSB Approved Programming Roles Resolution for the one entitled Programming Resolution. The Programming
Committee asks that these documents be shared with LSB members. The LSB show is a subcommittee of 3 members. We still
have not received the Info.@wpfw.
X. MASC Committee
They began the process of interviewing a few candidates. They
will do management evaluations.
XI. Outreach and Development
The Town Hall Meeting will take place at the
Petworth Library on March 13 with ED Maxie Jackson.
XII. New Business
The motion regarding Benito Diaz was
postponed until the April 10 LSB meeting.
XIII. Adjourned Regular Meeting at 8:45pm
Robert Simms, Chair adjourned
the meeting at 8:45pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter