Minutes KPFA LSB Regular in-person meeting January 26, 2019, 11 am - 3: 30 pm,
The Monkey House 1638 University
Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710
Called to Order and read group agreements
Roll Call: Present, Marilla Arguelles,,
Sharon Adams,, Anthony Fest, Aki Tanaka, Carol Wolfley, Christina Huggins, Steve Zeltzer, Sabrina Jacobs, Chris Cory,
Tom Voorhees, Andrea Turner, Tim Lynch, Excused absences: Brian Crowell, Lisa Dettmer,,T.M. Scruggs, William Campisi,
Richard Wolinsky, G.M. Quincy McCoy Remote access attempted Ramses Teon Nichols, Ahmad Anderson, Absent: Scott Olsen,

Reading of group agreements
Agenda Approved as amended with a motion to add to old business multi media
issues and priority at KPFA 11 Y, 1 N — Passed and a motion to have agenda point for election of officers 3 Y, 7 N, 2
A — Failed
Public Comments
6. Treasurer’s update
7. CAB report
8. Old Business: Reviewed
Pacifica Bylaws Proposals with with considerations for size and composition of the PNB

9. Approved minutes LSB meeting
10. Next Proposed LSB meeting: Saturday March 30, 2019

11. Reports from Pacifica National Board Directors 9
12. Old Business: Multi
13. Evaluations
14. Announcements
15. Adjourned