KPFT Local Station Board Agenda
February 13, 2019
Midtown Bar and Grill
415 W. Gray, Houston, TX
I. Call to Order 7pm.
II. Staff Recognition
III. Roll Call

1. Alán Alán Apurim
2. Wesley
3. Adriana Casenave
4. Bill Crosier
5. Joseph Davis
6. Elayne Duncan
7. Anisa Faruqi

8. Don Freeman (Non Voting)
9. Robert Gartner
10. Wally James
11. Jim Krafka
12. DeWayne
13. Adrienne LaViolette
14. Mike Lewis
15. Matthew Moore
16. Susie Moreno
17. Vinisha
18. Ben Perodeau
19. Rick Pothoff
20. Nancy Saibara-Naritomi
21. KC Sinclair
22. Rita
23. Ted Weisgal
24. Vaniecia Williams
25. Egberto Willies

IV. Agenda Approval.
Minutes: Additions and Corrections
VI. Consent Items
A. Suspension of Standing Rule to Consider Report from the
EEOC and
B. Membership in the Houston Peace and Justice Center
VII. Standing and Special Committee
A. CAB Update
B. Committee Reports Question and Answer
VIII. Public Comment. [Time Certain:
IX. Interim General Manager’s Report. (Don Freeman)
X. Pacifica National Board Report
Committee Reports
A. Anti-Racism and Diversity
B. Budget and Financial Oversight* (also referred to in the
Standing and Special Rules as Budget and Finance Oversight)
C. Development
D. Election
E. Facilities Management
and Planning
F. Governance
G. Management Selection and Review*
H. Outreach
I. Program Council
J. Program Policy
K. Technology
* Designated as “Fiduciary Committees;” voting membership limited
to LSB Members.
XII. Reports: Old Business
A. Community Calendar PSAs [Bob, DeWayne]: Record and air them in
accordance with the motion approved by this body.
B. Program Council subcommittee [Joseph, DeWayne, Deb]: DeWayne
Lark to host LSB member meeting
C. LSB Fundraising Committee [DeWayne]
D. Volunteer PSAs [Vaniecia]: Get them
recorded and on air
F. Int’l Youth Programming [Nancy]: Reach out to HISD communications department
G. Bill
Crosier Investigation [Nancy, DeWayne, Rick, Wesley, Alán Alán]
H. Writing Contest [K.C. Sinclair
I. Happy
Hour [K.C. Sinclair/Ben Perodeau]
XIII. Unfinished Business
A. Report from the Pacifica Foundation’s counsel to
explain our individual liabilities as LSB members.
XIII. New Business.
A. Saibara-Naritomi:
Whereas the KPFT
LSB has had almost two decades or more history of not being given access of financial documents such as: 1) bank
accounts' statements; 2) actual expense bills; 3) contracts; 4) donations; 5) grants' copies of checks, deposit slips;
6) bequests' copies of checks, deposit slips; 7) commissions; 8) premiums unsent; 9) premiums sent; 10) sustainer-ship
deposits; and 11) salaries,
the KPFT LSB recommends that the above information be made available to the LSB,
blackening out of donors', sustainers', companies (if requested by the companies or a signed agreement to allow or not),
for financial transparency.
B. Saibara-Naritomi:
The KPFT LSB moves that the donations and expenses be posted
with : 1) date pledged 2) date processed 3) amount 4) premium 5) name of show given credit 6) date of sustainer ship 7)
expense description 8) snap shot of bill 9) date of payment.
C. Saibara-Naritomi:
The LSB moves to have an
intermission after Public Comment or if there is no public comment, at 8:30 pm, the approximate half point of the
meeting, IN ORDER TO USE THE REST ROOM WITHOUT MISSING THE MEETING, and to be able to CONVERSE, with the Public and with
each other, dance, sing and share snacks TOGETHER. Saibara-Naritomi: The KPFT LSB moves to change the Public Comment
time which may be more convenient for the Public, who may want to return home sooner to prepare for the next days' work,
and may take advantage of the sky light in driving home.
D. Saibara-Naritomi:
Motion for amendment to the KPFT
Standing Rules: 1. Article IV , section 1, Limits to on-air Appearances Addition: The exception to this rule is
2. Article 3, sec. 6, LSB Members' Required Participation
in one local KPFT LSB Committee: Add: The failure to do so is removal from the LSB, since the work of the LSB is
dependent on committee work. Note: As is the chair’s prerogative, this motion will be sent to the Governance Committee
for review.
E. Crosier:
Motion on Bullying, Harassment, Slander, and Intimidation of LSB members:
Whereas, we
have experienced repeated and serious bullying, insults, harassment, name-calling, slander, other abuse, and attempts to
intimidate KPFT Local Station Board members, both in LSB meetings and committee meetings, and
Whereas, such
egregious behavior often uses lies and misleading information in attempts to defame and/or insult LSB members, sometimes
in attempts to provoke reactions which are then seized upon to further attack the victims of the abuse, and
such behavior has resulted in resignations of good LSB members who have been working effectively to help KPFT, a number
of whom were not even the targets of the bullying tactics but who did not want to be part of a board that tolerated or
encouraged this, and
Whereas, in addition to LSB members, members of the public have also been allowed, if not
encouraged, to similarly engage in this behavior during public comment, with few or no limitations, and
neither free speech principles nor Roberts Rules of Order allow such despicable actions, and in fact violations of
decorum are prohibited by Roberts Rules for all attendees at meetings, whether they are taken by board members or the
public, and
Whereas, the LSB Secretary has chosen to ignore Roberts Rules concerning what should go into minutes,
even though LSB members have pointed out that the minutes should only reflect actions taken by the LSB and not details
of debate and certainly not public comment, and even the PNB Parliamentarian has confirmed that only actions taken by
the board belong in the minutes, and
Whereas, putting defamatory comments about individuals into the minutes, which
are posted publicly on the Internet, and which are inappropriate in the minutes, is an additional act of defamation,
leading to additional legal and financial liability, and
Whereas, such behavior opens us up to lawsuits for allowing
these actions to continue with only occasional mild admonishments, but without any effective measures to stop them,
Whereas, these aggressive, unethical (and perhaps illegal) and anti-Pacifican actions have given the KPFT LSB a
very bad reputation, have run off donors, and have made it even more difficult to establish or continue effective
working relationships on the LSB, making the LSB even less effective in doing things to help the station,
Whereas, these actions have contributed to the distrust and overall dysfunction of the KPFT LSB, therefore
it Resolved, that:
1. Such actions will not be tolerated, whether initiated by LSB members or others, including those
participating during public comment.
2. Such actions will be grounds for immediate ejection from the meeting, for
the duration of the entire meeting, of any person engaging in such actions.
3. Derogatory comments about individuals
will not be included in the minutes of any public meeting, nor in executive session.
4. Comments made during public
comment, and all personal attacks made during other times will be removed from past minutes, including those posted
online, and shall be removed within one week from the date of this motion.
F. To encourage more active LSB
participation, and a better quality of work, and to decrease the absence of LSB members, be it required that the number
offences within a year be limited to four (4). Note: As is the chair’s prerogative, this motion will be sent to the
Governance Committee for review.
XIV. Adjournment