Minutes KPFA LSB Regular in-person meeting and Executive Session
December 29, 2018, 11 am - 3: 30 pm,
Tarea Hall
Pittman South Brkeley Branch Library
1901 Russell St.Berkeley, CA 94703

Called to Order

Roll Call:
Present, Marilla Arguelles,, Sharon Adams,, Anthony Fest, Aki Tanaka, Carol Wolfley, Christina Huggins, Steve Zeltzer,
Sabrina Jacobs, Carole Travis, Chris Cory, William Campisi,,, Tom Voorhees, Brian Crowell, Excused absences: Lisa
Dettmer, Andrea Turner, Tim Lynch,,T.M. Scruggs, Richard Wolinsky, G.M. Quincy McCoy Remote access attempted Ramses Teon
Nichols, Ahmad Anderson Absent: Scott Olsen, Reading of group agreements
Agenda Approved as amended
Public Comments
5 General Manager's Report read

6. Proposed
LSB meeting schedule for 2019, and possible locations.
January 26 meeting scheduled and 2019 Tabled Y, N, A

7.. Community Advisory Board Report, Community Needs Assessment
8. Reports from Pacifica National Board Directors:
9. Old Business: Pacifica Bylaws Amendments at
pacifica.org from PNB members summarized
10. Announcements
11. Old Business LSB Election Update, information
available at election.pacifica.org
12. New Business KPFA Outreach plan
13. Evaluation Forms and
16. Adjourned