WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
November 14, 2018
Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library
4450 Wisconsin
Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20016
Robert Simms, Chair
Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
6:35 pm a quorum was established. Robert Simms chair called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.
II. Roll call
15 -
Members were present at roll call: Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ellen Williams Carter, Donald Williams, Robert Simms,
Nick Arena, Eileen Rosin, Julie Hewitt, Martha Peterson, Jim Brown, Sabooh Hakim, Gloria Turner, Louis Wolf, Vicki
McGill, Tony Leon, Nancy Sorden
6 - Excused Absences: Cliff Smith, Lona Alias, Meredith Cordisco, Benito Diaz, Eric
Ramey, Ron Pinchback
2 - Unexcused: Campbell Johnson, Jay Winter Nightwolf
There was one
1 - Resigned: Christine Cotter
The GM Jerry Paris was present.
The IPD Katea Stitt was
not present.
Timekeeper: Julie Hewitt
Sergeant at Arms: Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington
III. Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was approved.
IV. Approval of the Minutes
The October 10, WPFW LSB regular meeting minutes were
reviewed and approved.
V. Management Reports
The General Manager, Jerry Paris stated the following:
-October 22
the transmitter failed and the station was off the air for 90 minutes. Lightening hit the transmitter. A tube needed to
be replaced. The cost was $1,800.
-Construction on the new transmitter tower will begin after fall the Fall Pledge
-The Fall pledge drive was extended. We reached 82% of the amount of our goal which was $282,000.
payments were made to Central Service.
-A Major donor event occurred at the Station to celebrate the major donors.

-In addition, a K Street law firm will sponsor a mixer to raise funds for WPFW.
-We plan to join National
Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB).
- On the HD channel we may be able to charge operating costs to other
-Audiences is moving to streaming.
There will be no leasing to religious organizations. We are considering
We Act Radio as a possible inclusion in the HD channel.
The Arena Stage event the station lost $4300.
VI. Finance
The Treasurer, Nick Arena’s report stated the following:
Budget Revenue and Expense Updates:

- FY2019 Draft Budget was presented.
Additions were:
-Increased monthly expenses for the new Transmitter of $2,500
per month
-Installation expenses of the new Transmitter totaling $75,000 (Note – The majority of these funds were
provided by major donors in FY2018)
Nick Arena presented a motion to the WPFW – LSB board to approve the budget to
go to pacifica.
The WPFW – LSB Vote was unanimous.
VII. Community Comment
Tony Norman said that the Dick
Gregory event lost money this a concern. We can’t afford to lose money. The 5 K Run/Walk could raise money. The Comedy
show can raise a lot of money. These are fundraisers that we should support.
Arthur McCloud applied for the WPFW
Program Director position. He wanted the board to tell him in the meeting why his application was rejected. The MASC
chair said they would send him an answer.
Roman is concerned that we have John Hughes issues again.
Joe Brown is
concerned that we have John Hughes issues again. He likes some of the new programming.
Sarah Franklin from Atlanta
Ga. Was at the 5K Run/Walk fundraiser. She was concerned that everyone did not know what was going on.
Bob Daughtry
said that it sounds like nonsense is being aired on some of the shows. Some programmers don’t know what the station
stands for.
VIII. PNB Report
Nancy Sorden stated:
-We need program changes. She was concerned with the
conversation of one of the programmers.
-A firm is doing an audit on all the stations and helping with their
financial reports.
-The timeline for Pacifica elections has changed. The elections will take place in early January.

-Strategic committee is reviewing underwriting for the stations.
-PNB has submitted a motion to set a timeline
for bylaw amendments. There are 50 bylaw changes.
IX. Program Committee
No report was submitted.
Resumes were collected for the Program Director position. No written report was submitted.
XI. Outreach
and Development
The U Street Jam fundraiser will take place on December 1, 2018. Tickets were distributed to the LSB
A report was submitted for the 5k run/walk fundraiser. It is the following:
Profit of $879; the
Expenses were $489, leaving a Profit of $390.
XII. New Business
WPFW – LSB Election was not discussed.
Adjourned Meeting at 8:15pm
Robert Simms, Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:15pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen
Williams Carter