Draft Agenda KPFA LSB rugular meeting and Executive Session
October 20, 2018, 11 am - 3: 30 pm
North Berkeley
Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709

Regular KPFA
LSB meeting
Call to Order, Roll Call and
meetings schedule
Approve agenda and read group agreements:
Audio recording of the meetings is available at KPFTX.org.

No Video Recording permitted at LSB meetings.

Speak with each other respectfully using comfortable volumes,
Focus on facts, issues and proposals, (no name
calling or personal insults),
Listen to each other with care
Honor the agenda and timeline, including staying on
topic, following group procedures and respecting the directions of the chair, facilitators, time keepers and people
taking stack during meetings,
Raise hands to be recognized by the facilitator. Honor individual time allocations per
share and finish up when agreed upon time is over. Each person’s time may be used for comments or questions with
answers included in the time.
If a situation arises when a participant is not willing to honor the above agreements
after the agreements are brought to their attention, that person may be asked to leave the meeting.
General Manager
Executive Session to discuss personnel issues and return to Regular LSB meeting with Report Out
Treasurer’s Report
6. Public Comments
7. Approve minutes from August and September
8. Community Advisory
Board Reoprt
9. Announcements
10. Reports from Pacifica National Board Directors:
11. Old Business: Pacifica
Bylaws considerations
12. Old Business: Assange motions
13. Old Business Multimedia discussion
14. 3:30
Ajourn, clean up and vacate the space