Draft KPFA LSB meeting and Town Hall
August 18, , 2018, 11 am - 4 pm
North Berkeley Senior Center,
1901 Hearst
Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709

Regualr LSB meeting
Call to Order
Approve agenda
Approve minutes
Review the proposed budget.

The public is encouraged to attend and hear reports

6. Reports
from Pacifica National Board Directors and KPFA LSB Vice Chair and comments from LSB members

KPFA Town Hall
1 PM

Registration and break for LSB members
1:15 PM
Welcome, introducing the agenda and Group
Participants may participate in timed sharing to talk about KPFA and Pacifica. This time may be used
for comments or questions with answers included in the time. Stack will be taken prioritizing those who have not spoken.

3:00 LSB self selected break out groups
People may continue to converse using an open space approach with
proposed groups

3:40 Clean up and vacate the space.