WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
June 13, 2018
1990 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C.
Robert Simms, Chair

Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
At 6:40 pm a quorum was established. Robert Simms chair
called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm.
II. Roll call
18 - Members were present at roll call: Maskeelah-Myrtle
Washington, Ellen Williams Carter, Louis Wolf, Nick Arena, Benito Diaz, Donald Williams, Eric Ramey, Sabooh Hakim, Jim
Brown, Martha Peterson, Meredith Cordisco, Julie Hewitt, Vicki McGill, Lona Alias, Gloria Turner, Nancy Sorden, Tony
Leon, Eileen Rosin
4 - Excused absences: Jay Winter Nightwolf, Ron Pinchback, Robert Simms, Cliff Smith
2 -
Unexcused: Christine Cotter, Campbell Johnson
There were no resignations/removals.
The GM Jerry Paris
was present. The IPD Katea Stitt was not present.
III. Approval of Agenda
The Agenda was
amended and approved.
IV. Approval of the minutes
The May 9, 2018 WPFW LSB regular meeting minutes were reviewed
and approved.
V. Management Reports
The General Manager, Jerry Paris stated the following:
The last fund drive
only achieved 75% of its goal ($250K). Many Programmers were not trained or helped to pitch.
The union contract is up
for renewal.
-WPFW needs a business manager
- 75% of the bills are paid with the exception of Central Services.

-WPFW will sponsor 12 hours of programming regarding the issue of homelessness.
-The HD project is underway.
Tomorrow the GM will purchase the HD system. The HD system will permit the station to quadruple its broadcasts. The
projected launch of the HD transmitter is September 2018.
Sabooh-Will Scooter McGruder return to the
WPFW air?
GM- He is subbing right now.
Jim- What is the plan for programming with HD?
GM- We will provide
specialized programming of all talk and jazz music.
Lona- Have we done outreach regarding the programming?
Outreach has started.
VI. Finance Report
The Treasurer, Nick Arena stated the following:
The bank Balance as
of 5/13/18 was approximately $121,000 with payroll and bills current except for Central Services and other long term
payables. Central Services payments have not been made for January thru May 2018. Cash flow will be difficult until the
Fall Pledge Drive.
Budget Revenue and Expense Updates:
-Capital Campaign needs to begin with mailing to
donors and follow up calls and meetings. We need staff and volunteers.
-April Mailing to Major Donors/New
Donors - prepared and lead by Tony Leon with assistance from Eric Ramey and others. Next steps are calls and follow up
to letters. The G.M. stated several mailings were returned as wrong addresses.
-Peer Fundraising/Friends and
Family donations needs attention for August.
- Grant � Stroke minute and Public Welfare Foundation-
Christine Cotter assisting with grant writing, other assistance needed.
-Need assistance with Live@5 Studio
rental, equipment sales and other off air fundraising efforts.
Due to audit and tax return work by the Pacifica
National Office accounting staff, updated financial statements are not yet available. A rough draft of Year to Date
versus Budget was provided for the LSB.
VII. Community Comment
Tony Norman- Andrea Bray raised $6,000 or more on
her program on Saturdays from 4pm to 6pm. With the change in programming we could lose her audience. WPFW can�t afford
to lose that audience. Tony Norman also stated that Management needs to recognize Programmers for their work during the
pledge drives.
John Tatum- Suggested that we create a rule regarding absences.
VIII. PNB Report

-WBAI�s tower was moved to 4 Times Square Building.
-The 2016 Audit has been prepared and the CFO is no longer
with Pacifica.
- The Audit Committee (Eileen Rosin is on the Audit Committee) and the PNB are reviewing the Draft
2016 Audit. The PNB must decide on it by 6/19/18 and a Special meeting has been called for tomorrow.
- The PNB has
not received a report from the Strategic Planning Committee with a Financial Recovery Plan Proposal.
- The KPFA
�LSB must conduct a new PNB election.
- The IED posted a job announcement for an NES (National Election
Supervisor).Applications are due by 6/30/18.
Election Motion
A motion was proposed by Julie Hewitt regarding the
Pacifica National LSB election:
The WPFW � LSB recommends that the PNB postpone the LSB elections till next year
due to the current exigent financial situation.
Vote: 13 favor, 3 against, 2 abstentions
Tony Leon reported about
the PNB-Strategic Planning Committee
They have decided to focus on the following:
1) Implement a recovery
2) Review programming
3) Develop a Financial recovery plan
4) Create an accounting system
Programming Committee
Donna Grimes
The Programming Committee met with the General Manager on Wednesday June 6,
2018. We have begun a process of delineating roles and responsibilities regarding programming at WPFW, in accordance
with the subject LSB approved resolution. The relevant parties are Management, the LSB and the Programming Committee.
Two other LSB approved resolutions also have our attention - the Programmers and Staff Bill of Rights and the Grievance
-Jerry Paris promised the Committee the following:
a. A list of recent program changes - additions,
removals, air times and programmers - by Friday June 8. This list has not yet been received.
b. Access to community
comments and responses via Info@WPFW.org by Wednesday June 13.
c. To run the PSA for the LSB Show which was created
months ago. To run a PSA, to be created, for the Town Hall event.
d. Informally, Committee members continue to
solicit feedback on WPFW programming.
Motion regarding Programming
Lona Alias
I move that this LSB issue a
letter stating dissatisfaction with the changes to the program grid without promoting the changes and failure to provide
adequate notice to our audience or programmers effected.
Vote: 14 favor, 2 against, 2 abstentions
Nancy Sorden
Friendly Amendment regarding Programming Motion
Motion for PNB
In addition, I recommend to the PNB that the
program committee take this as a recommendation of policy for program changes.
Vote: 14 favor, 2 against, 2
X. MASC Committee
They are in the final stages of evaluations.
XI. Outreach and
Town Hall
Martha discussed a date and place for the next Town Hall meeting. It will occur on June 30,
2018 at Plymouth Congregational Church from 1pm to 4pm. The Theme is �You Have A Voice-We Want to Hear It: From Our
Listeners to Our Programmers� (tentative theme). Panelist will be WPFW-LSB members, GM Jerry Paris and IPD Katea
Stitt. The LSB needs survey questions.
Gloria stated that the Blues Fest is in August and the U
Street Jam will occur on the second Saturday in December.
Thank you Notes for programmers Motion
I move that we
put thank you notes in the programmer�s boxes.
Vote: Unanimous
XII. New Business
A motion was presented
regarding advertisement by Tony Leon:
I move that WPFW�LSB (Local Station Board) sponsor the WPFW advertising
budget rate of $1200 per quarter.
Vote: Unanimous
Louis Wolf suggested that we set aside funds in an escrow
account. It was decided that we could not do that right now.
XIII. Adjourn Meeting at 9:45 pm
Motion to adjourn:
There was no objection.
Pro-tem chair Lou Wolf adjourned the regular meeting at 9:45 pm
Minutes submitted by:
Ellen Williams Carter