WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
May 9, 2018
Howard University
Department of Architecture
2366 Sixth
Street, NW
Washington, DC 20059
Louis Wolf, Pro tem Chair
Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to
At 6:45 pm a quorum was established. Louis Wolf called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm.
II. Roll call
- Members were present at roll call: Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ellen Williams Carter, Louis Wolf, Nick Arena, Benito
Diaz, Cliff Smith, Donald Williams, Eric Ramey, Sabooh Hakim, Martha Peterson, Julie Hewitt, Nancy Sorden, Louis Wolf,
and Tony Leon
5 - Excused absences: Ron Pinchback, Jay Winter Nightwolf, Campbell Johnson, Vicki McGill, Meredith
4 - Unexcused: Lona Alias, Christine Cotter, Gloria Turner, Jim Brown
There were no
The GM Jerry Paris was present. The IPD Katea Stitt was not present.
Timekeeper: Julie
III. Approval of Agenda
The Agenda was amended and approved.
IV. Approval of the minutes
The April
11, 2018 WPFW LSB regular meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
V. Management Reports
The General Manager,
Jerry Paris stated the following:
The General Manager said that a listener called the station and said the signal is
fading in and out. He and the engineer have gone to the transmitter to check on the system. The Pledge Drive will begin
on May 12th and end on June 2. The Women�s Day of programming resulted in a women�s group pledging $100,000 for the
new transmitter. The cost for the used transmitter is $75K. It has HD capabilities that will produce more streams for
broadcasting that can be leased. Listeners must have a HD receiver to utilize HD. We have a WPFW App which after
5,000 hits generates funds to the station. During a recent leadership call, underwriting was discussed. They stressed
that underwriting must occur without compromising the stations and the mission of Pacifica. The program changes are an
attempt to smooth out some of the schedule. In addition, the criteria used for program changes was related to past
pledge drive performance. The Ralph Nader show broadcasts now. The general manager and WPFW LSB treasurer negotiated a
new rental lease for 4 years which over time will save $50,000. The new lease would start in January 2019 and cost $14k
per month with annual increases of 3%. Nancy Sorden said that the LSB needs to review the lease. The station is 4 months
behind on Central services.
Questions and statements from the LSB:
Makeelah Washington asked if there were any
specific restrictions regarding the donation of $100,000 for the transmitter. The GM said there were no restrictions.

Cliff Smith would like to see more youth included in the programming. He suggested that we have a one day pledge
drive to raise funds for Central Services.
Eric Ramsey thanked Brad Grant for the use of the room at Howard
Tony Leon asked about the criteria used to make the program changes. He also asked questions about HD
VI. Finance Report
The Treasurer, Nick Arena stated the following:
The bank balance as of
4/30/18 was approximately $42,000 with payroll and bills current except for Central Services and other long term
payables. Central Service payments have not been made for January, thru April. May health insurance payment will be
delayed until the Pledge Drive. Cash flow will be very difficult until the Pledge Drive.
The following is the
Budget Revenue and Expense Updates:
-Capital Campaign Meetings with experts and IED took place in March.
Actions steps have been drafted and need review by Jerry, Christine and Nancy.
-April Mailing to Major
Donors/New Donors - prepared and lead by Tony Leon with assistance from Eric Ramey and others. Next steps are calls and
follow up to letters.
-Peer Fundraising/Friends and Family donations being organized by Vinnie for Pledge Drive
-Stroke Minute work began May 7. Need assistance with Grant Writing.
-Need assistance with
Live@5 Studio rental, equipment sales and grant writing.
Due to audit and tax return work by the Pacifica National
Office accounting staff, updated financial statements are not yet available. A rough draft of Year to Date versus Budget
was provided for the LSB.
VII. Community Comment
Regarding the Scooter McGruder�s show �Baby Boomer Boogie�:

Dr. Christine Aster stated that she was devastated by the removal from the WPFW air the program �Baby Boomer
Boogie�. She indicated that she sent an email to the interim program director. In addition, Judy Walk, David
Merriweather, Albert McSenoir, and Billy Boom Boom expressed their concern about the removal of the the program �Baby
Boomer Boogie� from the WPFW airwaves. After 5 members of the community commented and 4 letters were read regarding
the removal of Baby Boomer Boogie (Scooter Magruder�s show) The GM stated that he would bring Scooter McGruder back to
the WPFW airwaves.
William Taft would like a CD that he submitted played on the air. He contacted the interim
program director but he hasn�t received a response.
Joe Brown stated that he is concerned about the removal of the
Margaret Prescott show from the program schedule on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings.
Benito Diaz stated:
By May 31st WBAI should be out of the Empire State building tower. KPFA lost the suit
regarding the election of a LSB member.
Nancy Sorden stated:
The LSB elections may not occur this year. The PNB is
concentrating on paying back the loan and finishing the 2016 audit.
Pacifica audit:
Eileen said the 2016 audit
should be done by the end of the loan negotiation.
IX. Programming Committee
A meeting was scheduled with the
general manager, however; due to an emergency tower maintenance issue, he rescheduled a meeting with the Programming
Committee for Thursday May 17. Some of the items for discussion are the roles and responsibilities of the LSB,
Programming Committee and station Management regarding programming as described in the Pacifica by-laws. The Committee
continues to produce a monthly LSB Show which airs on the last Friday of the month. Committee members receive and share
input from the community regarding WPFW programs.
X. MASC Committee
There was no report during the regular
meeting. The report was during the executive session. The executive session involved a matter that is within the purview
of the following Pacifica bylaws Article Six, Meetings of the Board of Directors, Section 7. The executive meeting
involved matters regarding WPFW personnel.
XI. Outreach and Development
Martha discussed a date and place for the
next Town Hall meeting. She stated that the LSB committee would plan and schedule the Town Hall meeting in June at
Plymouth Congregational Church.
XII. New Business
Cliff Smith made the following motion:
I move that WPFW LSB
members should be given 10 minutes to discuss new business and all electronic devices should be silenced.
The motion
was approved. It was unanimous.
XIII. Adjourn Regular Meeting at 8:20 pm
XIV. Executive Session 8:22 pm
The executive session relates to proprietary information.
Executive Session adjourned at 8:43 pm
Motion to adjourn: There was no objection.
Louis Wolf adjourned the regular meeting at 8:43
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter