Draft minutes KPFA LSB Regular in-person meeting
April 21, 2018, 11 am - 3: 30 pm
North Berkeley Senior Center,
1901 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709

Called to Order by Vice-Chair: Christina Huggins,
Roll Call: — Present:,
Sharon Adams, Marilla Arguelles,, Anthony Fest, Aki Tanaka, Carol Wolfley, Richard Wolinsky, Christina Huggins, Tom
Voorhees, Steve Zeltzer, Andrea Turner, Brian Crowell, Excused absence: Ahmad Anderson, T.M. Scruggs, Lisa Dettmer,
Sabrina Jacobs, Carole Travis, Chris Cory, Tim Lynch, William Campisi,, T.M. Scruggs, Remote access not available:
Absent Scott Olsen,
Agenda Approved,
4. Report sent from KPFA Business Manager Maria Negret and read by Sharon
5. Minutes Approved from February 17, 2018 as amended by deleting the word TABLED from Items 15 and 16
7. Public Comments, Mara Rivera, Max Blanchet
8. CAB Community Advisory Report: MaryAnn Thomas
reported on the
CAB Outreach Planning Meetings, Carol Wolfley reported on the KPFA Birthday and outreach events,
the No War Rally and recent KPFA sponsored films.
9. KPFA LSB filling of vacancies. Report from Christina Huggins
about letter to PNB Chair Nancy Sorden about missing minutes from 2016

Delegate Assembly and Results
Adams was elected Treasurer to the KPFA LSB, 
KPFA LSB members elected to PNB COMMITTEES: 
AUDIT Christina
Huggins, Aki Tanaka
ELECTIONS Sharon Adams,(returning member from 2017) Marilla Arguelles
Wolfley, Anthony Fest
PROGRAMMING Carol Wolfley, (returning member from 2017) Richard Wolinsky
INCLUSION Andrea Turner
TECHNOLOGY Steve Zeltzer

Return to regular meeting
Program Reports: A KPFA
Women’s meeting was held on April 14 which included review of International Women’s Day programming for 2018 and
planning for 2019 and podcasting opportunities for KPFA women producers and programmers.

13. Old Business:
Proposed Bylaws Amendments TABLED
14. Old Business: LSB evaluation of the KPFA Program Director and General Manager,
Agreement to resend documents to the LSB for review. Motion PASSED to invite program director to LSB meting for report
and discussion 7 Yes 3 Abstained 15. Old Business: Report on an upcoming meeting about Technology & Multi-Media
16. Old Business: Town Hall Meetings, Motion by Carol Wolfley: PASSED
The KPFA LSB resolves to hold a
town hall meeting at the North Berkeley Senior Center on
August 18 from 1 to 3 PM after holding our KPFA regular LSB
meeting from 11 AM (time concrete) to 12:45 PM. KPFA Officers will facilitate the meeting including a welcome,
introductions, and updates from PNB members. The main focus of the meeting will be to provide community participants an
opportunity to make timed presentations and/or to use their time to ask questions with time sharing adjusted based on
the number of participants. People attending the town hall meeting will be asked to accept and abide by agreements to
focus on facts and speak respectfully of others.