PACIFICA, KPFT-LSB, Governance Committee
Regular meeting, May 2, 2018, 6:30pm Central time
812 Westheimer, THEOs

Proposed Agenda
A: Opening business
A.10[5]: Roll Call / establish quorum
Roll 2/7 3/7 4/4 5/2
01. Casenave, Adriana P P P
02. Davis, Joseph P P P
03. Gartner, Robert P P P
04. LaViolette, Adrienne P P P
05. McCary, PK P P P
06. Moore, Matthew P P P
07. Saibara-Narotomi, Nancy P P P
08. Sinclair, KC P P P
09. Weisgal, Ted P P P

TIME A.20[5]: Approve Agenda
CERTAIN B[30]: Public comment, CPB compliance

H: Old Business

H.10[10]: Final report on attendance subcommittee

H.20[10]: Educational topics for LSB Rules Study

H.30[10]: Review of old S&S rules for update.

H.40[10]: Next 3 rules for review at next Gov meeting.

N: New Business

N.10: LES Report analysis

N.20: Address violations of S&S rules, bylaws, the law.

N.30 CAB adherence with CPB guidelines

Z: Closing business

7:25PM Z.10[10]: Schedule next meeting, June 2018

Z.99: 7:30pm Adjourn