WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
April 11, 2018
1990 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C.
Robert Simms, Chair

Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
At 6:35 pm a quorum was established. Robert Simms called the
meeting to order at 6:35 pm.
II. Roll call
16 - Members were present at roll call: Robert Simms, Maskeelah-Myrtle
Washington, Ellen Williams Carter, Louis Wolf, Nick Arena, Benito Diaz, Cliff Smith, Ron Pinchback, Donald Williams,
Eric Ramey, Sabooh Hakim, Jim Brown, Martha Peterson, Meredith Cordisco, Julie Hewitt, Vicki McGill
5 - Excused
absences: Christine Cotter, Jay Winter Nightwolf, Nancy Sorden, Louis Wolf, Tony Leon
1 - Unexcused: Lona Alias 2
- Late: Gloria Turner, Campbell Johnson There were no resignations/removals.
The GM Jerry Paris was present.
The IPD Katea Stitt was not present. Timekeeper: Meredith Cordisco
III. Approval of Agenda
The Agenda was
amended and approved.
IV. Approval of the minutes
The March 14, 2018 WPFW LSB regular meeting minutes were
reviewed and approved.
V. Management Reports
The General Manager, Jerry Paris stated the following:
The Pledge
Drive will begin on May 6 and end on May 26. The PNB will review underwriting. The one day fund drive yielded about
$5,000. He was responsible for getting Ben and Jerry and Danny Glover during the live broadcast from the National Mall.
The SAS and EEO reports that were due are completed. All bills are paid except National Office Central Service
payments. Ralph Nader canceled the fundraiser and show.
VI. Finance Report
The Treasurer, Nick Arena stated the
The bank Balance as of 3/31/18 was approximately $92,000. The payroll and bills are current except for
Central Services and other long term payables. Central Services payments have not been made for January, February and
March 2018. In March, a capital campaign meeting occurred with experts and the IED. An action plan has been drafted and
will be reviewed by Jerry, Christine and Nancy. A letter for the April mailing to new and major donors has been prepared
by Tony Leon with assistance from Eric Ramey and others. Next the letter needs to be reviewed by Jerry and staff with
assistance from the LSB. Sataria, Annette and other staff completed a mailings to unfulfilled pledges and lapsed donors
that generated over $8,000 in additional funds. Vinnie is organizing the family/friends peer fundraising for 4/16/18.
The finance committee discussed the benefits of a full time Business Manager being added to the FY2018. Jerry said that
he would review it.
VII. Community Comment
John Tatum the Parliamentarian shared his opinion regarding the agenda
and minutes. A community member gave compliments about programming at the WPFW.
VIII. PNB Report
Benito said that
Pacifica has reached an agreement with ESRT as stated in the 4/5/18 press release. The agreement pays most of what ESRT
alleged was owed. In exchange ERST has released the liens it held over Pacifica. Two loans were approved by the PNB to
help with the transaction.
Pacifica Audit
The Pacifica audit report was made by Eileen Rosin. The auditors will
complete the 2016 audit before they leave Pacifica. The CFO will leave Pacifica on May 16th; however, he will finish
all required work before his departure.
IX. Programming Committee
Donna scheduled a meeting with Jerry that was
canceled and rescheduled for the first Wednesday of the month. Eric discussed the cancellation of the LSB show in March.

X. MASC Committee
There was no report.
XI. Outreach and Development
Martha discussed a date and place for
the next Town Hall meeting. It was suggested that a LSB committee plan and schedule the Town Hall meeting in June at
Plymouth Congregational Church. Ron and Don reported on the Resistance Comedy event on April 12. There was a profit of
$1600. Gloria stated that the Blues Fest is in August and the U Street Jam will occur on the second Saturday in
XII. New Business
Eileen suggested that we contact the CAB and ask them to submit a report to the LSB.

A motion was made by Julie:
I move that we add the CAB for a quarterly report and reach out to them to add the
report to our quarterly agenda.
Vote: The motion was unanimous with the amendment.
XIII. Adjourn Regular Meeting
at 8:44 pm
XIV. Executive Session 8:48 pm reconvened
The executive session relates to proprietary
Executive Session adjourned at 9:25pm
XV. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn: There was no
Robb Simms adjourned the regular meeting at 9:25 pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams